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Advice - what to take on holiday to Devon with an 8 week old? Staying in a house

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BabyCJuly · 20/08/2020 04:58

Hello there,

Staying in a house in Devon for a week with our 8 week old. Holiday packing list for this age? Any tips would be great! Thanks so much!

Also, any beach tips for this age? Can we put their feet in sea? Do they do sunglasses for this age?

Thanks so much!

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BikeRunSki · 20/08/2020 05:18

What does she normally sleep in? Do you need to take a travel cot? Is there one there? Do you co-sleep?
How is she normally fed? Do you need to take stuff for cleaning and sterilising bottles?
How do you transport her - sling would be great for beach/country walks, but pram could also be useful. WhT will you out her down on on the beach?
Something warm and wind proof for the beach.Carrycot?
Will you have laundry facilities? If not I’d suggest a lot of changes of clothes for her!
Sun hat
Sun cream
You can get baby sunglasses, but I’m not sure they go that small. BabyBanz are cute and did me two babies.
Medications, if any
Baby toiletries, if any
Waterproof cover for baby/sling/pram
Monitor? Nightlight?

I’d put her feet in the sea unless it had a really bad bathing water status.

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BikeRunSki · 20/08/2020 05:19

Beach tent ?

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