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BA/EasyJet France flights

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Jocasta2018 · 17/08/2020 08:32

This is long so bear with me.

I know that a lot of people have been thinking of cancelling trips due to the France FCO changes/quarantine & Id like to share my experience.

I was due to fly back from France today - I was meant to be travelling over by car 10 days ago but had a dodgy tummy so didn't go. I knew I should cancel my flights but was a bit chaotic & I forgot...

My EasyJet flight back had been changed two weeks after booking from leaving at 1230 to leaving at 2155 which I wasn't too happy about.
Being slightly neurotic, I decided to book a BA flight that was leaving at 1500 - if either flight was cancelled last minute then in theory I had a back-up...

Earlier today I thought 'oh I must cancel my flights' particularly as Id checked in my EasyJet flight at the end of July. I was cancelling both flights 2 hours before travel.
I also called both airlines up as the websites/Apps were crap. I got through easily to both airlines (at 6am...).

EasyJet told me that I could get a voucher for my full amount €225 to be used before 17/08/2021 but I could book a flight/package for use after this window.

BA gave me a voucher for €113 to be used & journey completed before 30/04/2022.

Both vouchers could be used for flights & packages however I will have to book via phone.

I think if I'd cancelled more than 48hours before flying then I might've got my money back minus fees but don't quote me on that. I have cancelled both flights 2 hours before take off.

Anyway the reason I got this is because I'd booked my journey before the FCO advice about France had changed but because the advice had NOW changed, I could get the money back even though the flights had not been cancelled & were still flying.

If I'd cancelled before the FCO advice changed ie up until last Thursday, I wouldn't have got anything.

I appreciate that I'm only dealing with flights, not packages, plus I'd only booked a single journey (not a return) & I was happy to have a voucher.
However for those of you that are having to cancel due to the France/UK quarantine rules, and if you booked pre-FCO advice change last Thursday, it might be worth giving both BA & EasyJet a call this morning.

Incidentally, I have insurance through my Barclays Premier account.
They informed me that because I'd booked when FCO travel advice was ok, if I had travelled then my health insurance would be valid even if the FCO advice changed whilst I was away.
Also if I decided not to travel due to FCO advice changing before my trip, (ie now!) I would be able to claim the holiday cost back because I booked whilst FCO advice was ok.

Hope this might help some of you at least get a voucher or hopefully some of your money back. Good luck!

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