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Track and traced or symptoms whilst on holiday

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Piggywaspushed · 21/07/2020 19:06

We are still massively conflicted about whether to go on pour one week holiday to Spain on 8 August.

One thing I can never seem to get an answer to is what happens if you either get a track and trace whilst on holiday or, hopefully not, someone develops symptoms? Under either circumstance here , you would stay put for 2 weeks... so how does that work if you have a few days of a villa holiday to go?

Where do you go? How the hell do you get home??

I really ahev no idea why I can't find an answer to this!

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Piggywaspushed · 23/07/2020 09:38

I read that regional lockdowns would not lead to tour operators or travel insurers supporting refunds... the gov is very keen to support the travel industry.

I can't see how Spain won't close borders again if they can't get a lid on their outbreaks. But they may have the same attitude to our government about wanting to avoid repeating the most restrictive measures at the height of their lucrative tourist season

OP posts:

KoalasandRabbit · 23/07/2020 09:44

I think there's a government list of where you need to quarantine after which is the one due to be reviewed, the FCO does another list again which is similar but not identical.

Our holiday was to Malaysia and Thailand both countries do not allow us in to 31 August but FCO advice is green safe to travel. So you can have lockdown abroad and FCO saying travel is fine so insurance has a get out of paying card, depending on insurer. Still worth trying a claim but if rules are applied strictly the insurance won't pay out as if payout clause is based on FCO advice being against all but essential travel or worse.

Hopefully it will lead to FCO advice changing to areas in local lockdown but its not guaranteed. Though often if an area lockdowns flights get cancelled and within Europe get refunded in full. We had our main flight refunded in full as soon as lockdown announced by EVAAir. It's the internal flights and a couple of hotels we've not got back.


Piggywaspushed · 23/07/2020 18:03

Looks like cases are on the rise in Spain so this could be interesting...

OP posts:

TeenTraumaTrials · 23/07/2020 23:04

I know. Massive rise reported today. If that continues Scotland could be changing its rules again v quickly I think.


carrottopper · 24/07/2020 08:17

Tui have got a COVID COVER in place which says it will cover costs associated with an extended stay if you are asked to quarantine.


finished31 · 24/07/2020 08:31

Can you contact your travel insurance and ask every question.

My concern would be if one of you ended up in hospital (ventilated) are the rest of the party covered to stay or do they leave the sick person.

Will all expenses be paid?


Piggywaspushed · 24/07/2020 08:43

The rest of the party have to be covered to stay because they would have to self isolate, so no travel home.

OP posts:

Frazzled2207 · 24/07/2020 08:49

Unless I am missing something if you have adhered to social distancing rules for 14 days before you travel there should be no need for you to be contacted.
I believe you’re only on T&T’s list if you’ve spent 15 minutes or more 2m apart from the infected person. Which other than your own family and people in certain workplace situations shouldn’t really be anyone anyway?


Piggywaspushed · 24/07/2020 08:51

The plane?

OP posts:

Frazzled2207 · 24/07/2020 09:40

@Piggywaspushed indeed is possible but only if you were sat in extreme proximity to that person. If the person next to you on the plane to Spain went down with covid, assuming it was once they were in Spain, presumably they would be dealt with by the Spanish t&t system, their rules could well be different to ours.


Frazzled2207 · 24/07/2020 09:41

Sorry my original post should have read LESS than 2m apart not 2m apart


Piggywaspushed · 24/07/2020 09:44

The rules say the whole plane must be tracked.

I also don't know anyone who self isolates for 2 weeks before going on holiday!

You do run a lower risk if you observe social distancing but it isn't guaranteed especially if you go through a fairly busy airport, on to a plane, to a car hire place, to a few supermarkets in Spain etc etc. All of this increases contacts.

you might not be track and traced, no, but you might develop symptoms! I couldn't lie and get on my plane to go home but I bet some would.

OP posts:

Frazzled2207 · 24/07/2020 10:36

I wasn't suggesting that OP self isolates merely pointing out that if she has kept more than 2m apart from others at all times (before she went) then she needn't have to worry about self-isolating under the UK system

Agree that potentially being exposed to it while abroad/on the plane is a different scenario, I would hope that the tour operator if on a package holiday, would be able to advise.

Personally I think it all sounds a bit too stressful especially if you have children. If i could swap dates and not lose money I probably would. We swapped to next year but was straightforward for us as the flight never took off.


Piggywaspushed · 24/07/2020 11:10

Nope, not allowed to swap dates. It's all ATOL protected but travel company are blaming Ryanair for inflexibility, even though it's a package.

I agree it's all too stressful! I don't understand people who are completely gung ho about the whole thing and can only guess they don't catastrophise as much as me!

The plane operators insist they have all safety measures in place on a plane although, where Ryanair are concerned this is plainly bollocks since they are still seating groups apart against various aviation and HSE current guidelines.

OP posts:
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