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Immunizations for travel to Malaysia?

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chingscherer · 13/10/2004 16:31

We have a 14 mth old child and we're travelling to Malaysia for 2 weeks. I have asked my pediatrician about immunizations but apparently they have told us that they don't provide those vaccinations, that we have to go to a travel dept to get Hep A vaccinations. Is it necessary to get it? Should we be worried about anything else?

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susanmt · 14/10/2004 02:10

We're travelling to Guatemala in Feb for 3 months, and were advised to get HepA (not available for under 1's - we are having it along with MMR at 14 months). I ended up with amoebic dysentry after my first trip there. The vax help, but the nest thing it to make sure all water is sterile and all fruit/veg is either peeled or well cooked, as well as all othr food being well cooked.
We found out that typhoid vax is not available for children under 2. Has you r baby had BCG? I would have thought that was prett important (ours had it last week).

Have a great trip!


chingscherer · 14/10/2004 15:56

Hello susanmt,
Thanks for the info. Our medtravel here also recommended Hep A for our child. We have all his immunizations up to date and will have more when he goes for hi next appt before we leave. I don't believe they have BCG vax here in the US.

Have yourself a great trip too! We'll let you know how ours was.

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