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Car Seat / Stroller for Twins?

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ElementOfDreams · 04/07/2020 17:52

Hello Smile my husband and I are looking to start a family after COVID-19 is over, and after I have my brain surgery for my epilepsy. (6 months of recovery) We’re pretty good on money, surprisingly. Still saving but we’re getting their!

Why did I ask for a Car Seat that turns into a Stroller for Twins?
A few reasons.
One, twins run in my family on Both sides.
Two, I’ve had two names stuck in my head for over a year. : Anabelle and Andrew
Three, intuition. (Call it a "gut feeling" if you will)

We’re looking for a car seat/stroller Combo.
On the stroller, we’re looking for the option where the babies can look at us, since epilepsy runs very strong in my family. I’m honestly afraid. And I’d like to keep an eye on the little ones.

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teaandlotusbiscoff · 12/07/2020 23:08

Bugaboo donkey sounds like it might be a good bet. Parent and world facing, converts to a single if you only take one of them with you, huge basket space. But you can’t run with it.

You can buy cup-holders for many pushchairs—quite a few sell their own versions yet it tends to be rather expensive! For one cup holder tends to be around £20. We used something similar to this and managed to use it on all the pushchairs we had.

Are you in the USA? BOB strollers tend to be rather popular, and I think they can take a bassinet as well as a car seat. Large storage space and can be used for jogging!

Thule urban glide and the out n about nipper sport are also good ones to take a look at. Smile

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