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Few days Istanbul with 7 year old and then a week All Inc

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AllTheUserNamesAreTaken · 21/06/2020 17:02

As holidays this year are written off we are dreaming of holiday next year.

DS will be 7 then and like most kids is happy as Larry with a pool and some activities but we’d really like to go and see somewhere instead of just doing a beach holiday.

We cant decide
A) between doing a beach type place (hotel in Turquoise Coast area) but hiring a car for a few days to see sights within a couple of hours of there)
B) Istanbul for a few nights and then fly to Turquoise coast area for a week AI

I would like to go to Istanbul as I’ve only visited a few places that are not tourist resorts but we’ve not done a city break with DS before so not sure how it would go. (we were going to take him to Prague this summer but that’s not happening now)

It looks like there’s plenty of good things to do with children in Istanbul.
I would like to give DS chance to see real places instead of just holiday resorts. I wonder if it’s best to wait until he’s older and just stick with beach holidays for now. But will he then be a grunting teenage or stomps around any sights!

I feel bad not supporting the local economy around turquoise coast area (if we stay in AI hotel) but would probably prefer to relax in one after a few days sight seeing. DS would enjoy the kids club/activities in an AI, which may not be available in a s/c or B&B

Could do a week in a cheaper hotel (B&B/self catering) around turquoise coast area so we can do some sight seeing and eat out locally before going on to an AI
Only issue is DS May be a pain in the arse if he thinks he is missing out on a nearby pool/beach in the first week. Grin

Anyway, sorry for the ramblings and I’m not really sure what my question is, just wondering if anyone has done similar trips with 7 ish year olds and how it went

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SJaneS48 · 22/06/2020 11:51

Yes, when DD was 5 we had a week & a half at a resort in Kalami (which had both AI & SC options, we went SC) then 4 days in Istanbul. I’ve been to Istanbul twice, once when I was back packing when much younger and this last time (with DD, DH and my DPs). It’s a fantastic city with a huge amount of history stretching back to the Roman era. The people are very friendly and the food is great. DD was too young to get much out of it (and was fighting off a stomach bug) but it felt very safe walking around with her. DH loved it & he isn’t a big city fan usually. We were there when the protests started. We didn’t see any of it though & I would definitely like to go back.

Kalami was fine, not sure I’d bother going back again (or to Bodrum which I’ve also been to) but for sea and a relaxed break somewhere attractive, both are fine. I personally don’t like AI places or big resorts (and agree they suck local economy wise) but for straight up relaxation it was fine. You don’t have to stay put in them anyway.

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