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Move hotel booking pending insurance claim?

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TartanCurtains · 23/04/2020 09:32

I'm not sure how to do this and the insurance company don't want to take calls on this subject at the moment.

I have a European hotel booking this weekend. It was booked on a special rate and they won't refund, only move the date. I would like a refund and am 99% sure my travel insurance will cover this. I have submitted a claim but expect it will take a while to process.

Meanwhile, what do I tell the hotel, who are expecting me tomorrow? Do I cancel (no money back), or move the date to something arbitrary, pending the insurance claim?

While I'd like my money back, I don't want to end up in a situation where I've totally cancelled and then my insurance claim fails. A moved date would be better than nothing.

Anyone been in this situation?

OP posts:
Letsnotargue · 23/04/2020 09:42

It’s unlikely the insurance will reimburse you for a booking that is still in existence. For mine I have had to ask the hotel for confirmation that I didn’t stay there to provide to the insurance.

My insurance required me to pursue any refunds myself and claim the remainder from them - if you’ve exhausted options for money back I would inform them you are not going to be staying and for them to confirm this for the insurance company.

Check your paperwork first though!

TartanCurtains · 23/04/2020 09:49

That makes sense, thanks. It's just so frustrating that the insurance company won't engage to provide any clarification on their position in time for me to have options!

I'll contact the hotel now.

OP posts:
KoalasandRabbit · 02/05/2020 19:14

I would cancel but check insurance terms and conditions website, ours isn't paying out if can move date.

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