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Eilat & Egypt coasts no go areas , now were for Jan 05 ??

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melsy · 08/10/2004 09:08

We were very close to booking Eilat in jan for a week , but something stopped my dh doing it. My mum thought it woud be safer to go to Sharm el Sheik(sp?) , but now after last nights bombing in Taba (used to be Israel), we dont know were to go . It kinda hit close to home as Eilat is very close. Its made me feel quite sick at the thought and i think the foreoign office will suggest not to go anywere near either countrys in that region. Which is very sad.

Weres good value and more garantued weather. Its funny normally I get excited about holidays , but this trip never clicked in my mind IFYWIM ????

May be I should put this in the news section too as it has really upset us.

OP posts:
Chuffed · 08/10/2004 09:26

What about the other side of the peninsula like el tor (not sure what is there) or yes somewhere like Sharm?

melsy · 08/10/2004 09:34

I do like the look fo some hotels in sharm , but not sure were its located .I need to look at a map of the two countrys to get a picture in my mind. Will probably check forign office to see what they are advising , but you just dont know whats going to happen in the next few months.

OP posts:
melsy · 08/10/2004 09:44

Even though its way donw the coast from taba , its still the sinai coast which may not be advisable. Just looking at HYatt regency which looks lovely(although it could be anywere in the world!!) , I still get a funny feeling going near there.

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LipstickMum · 08/10/2004 10:16

Does anybody know a website for the Foreign Office and their recommendations on safe places to travel etc?

We have a glorious week in Hurghada booked and fully paid for, but you can bet I am NOT going!!!

What a mess, I was hesitant when we booked it, but decided it would be ok, looks like it's back to Lanzagrote instead And I don't even want to think about whether we'll get money back or what

How are you Melsy? Long time no see

melsy · 08/10/2004 10:23

im good thanks , better days now !! dd has been ill for 2mths , but getteing better now.
How are you doing ?? OOh no what shame about hurghada. I think the terroism they are acting out is appalling and uspetting whatever faction,its all the mroe upsetting as we were going to go there , they seem to making the whole world a really dangerous place to be.You cant seem to go anywere at the moment. No were seems nuetral anymore.

OP posts:
808state · 08/10/2004 10:43

Hi Lipstickmum,

The website for the Foreign Office is as follows:- (just cut and paste the link into your browser)

It is very much dependent on the date of travel, you may be able to change destination now without losing any money.


sassy · 08/10/2004 10:51

My sister is on honeymoon in one of the two resorts which was hit by a smaller bomb. Been in touch with foreign office and they tell us they don't think any british involved there, but can't help worrying anyway. Just want her to get in touch...

Twinkie · 08/10/2004 10:52

What about Cuba??

melsy · 08/10/2004 11:30

lipstick mum , ive been on the phone to my mum and she ssaid that if the foregin office have advised againt travelt there then if your with a reputable travel firm they should be able to tranfer your holiday to another destination.

Cuba , how long is the flight ?? was tryoing to not go longhaul with dd , just not up to that until shes older, as we looked at going back to South Africa.

OP posts:
melsy · 08/10/2004 11:31

sassy I hope they are ok ,there were 2 british people in the Hilton ,but they were interviewed last night, as they were in the restaurant when the bomb went off, away from the tower.

OP posts:
melsy · 08/10/2004 11:33

of course Cuba is right near USA , quite a long flight then.

OP posts:
Twinkie · 08/10/2004 11:47

Ooohhh flight 9 hours with a stop in Key Largo!!

melsy · 08/10/2004 11:48

eeeeeeeeekkkkk , bit long I think, d just managed eurstar to disney and didnt wnat to sit the last half hour!!!!

Howsa bout crete ?? anyone been ?? may be I should start a crete thread ??

OP posts:
Chuffed · 08/10/2004 11:53

what about Florida. It is long haul but by the time you fly would have flown to Egypt and then taxi'd or caught a bus to the resort you are looking at a fair few hours.

LipstickMum · 08/10/2004 12:37

808State thank you for the Foreign Office link, I shall look on it after I have phoned my travel agent.
Hi Melsy, what drama, these horrible people I was so looking forward to some Winter sun I am going to call the agent and see if we can change, which I think is what we both want to do!!! Have you thought about the Canaries? They have good winter sunshine (not quite Egypyt) but early 20's definitely. Personally all I want from my week away is sun and lazing by the pool with a book, and good food. Am not into touring at all this holiday, don't think dd would let us anyway!!

Sorry to hear your dd has been unwell, hope she is getting over it now I'm really good too ty for asking, getting better with cbt and learning re-French in my spare time.

melsy · 08/10/2004 13:34

Im not in the mood for tenerife again ,I dunno I found it a bit lacking in something, although saying that there are some lovely hotels there. We want a bit of pampering, so wnat quite a luxurious hotel. We stayed at the Bahia princess last time ,which was clean and modern but I wasnt keen on the big buffet dinners. I like some table service in the evenings !!! It just didnt have much atmostphere!!

OP posts:
melsy · 08/10/2004 13:34

ooh great to hear your doing well with cbt , has it been good ?? do you feel different. i do MOST of the time. Ive just gone of topic myself now !!!

OP posts:
bluesky · 08/10/2004 17:44

Sharm in November, already booked, yes or no?!?!

sassy · 08/10/2004 18:12

Just to let you know, my sister and her dh are fine, thank God. They weren't in the resort which received the main blast, and have rung to say they are ok.
Can't help feeling that there will be so many families who aren't so lucky

smellymelly · 08/10/2004 18:14

The Hyatt Regency is very close to the Hilton in Taba, we were there in July 04 for our honeymoon, and my friend went there last month. I would steer clear of Taba all together.

Sharm is very touristy, but much further away, so would be safer. Hurgarda is even further. They went for Taba because the Israelis descend on it like flies for their holidays.

LipstickMum · 08/10/2004 18:26

Melsy, cbt has been great, as you can see I hardly come on here now I'm so busy all day!!

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