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Holiday of a lifetime for 5 year old girl

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Ash19 · 12/04/2020 14:42

We have had to cancel 2 holidays this summer. One was during my 4 year old bday and she was so excited. I am hoping I will be able to take her on holiday of a lifetime in 2021. Would love to hear suggestions.

Things that are important kids splash Park with slides. Playground. Mini disco. Promenade etc. Just sé where that is super fun

OP posts:

helpfulperson · 12/04/2020 18:09

I would frame it as a 'special holiday' rather than holiday of a lifetime. Play fantasy holidays with her - if we were able to go what would you like to do.


EnglishGirlApproximately · 12/04/2020 19:02

Ash19 we've been on RCI independence of the Seas, MSC Bellissima and P&O Britannia with DS. All were great but Bellissima was amazing as it's new ship and has a real wow factor. MSC hasmixed reviews with Brits as it's very Italian but we had a ball. DS is 8 and remembers holidays from being 3 onwards and really appreciates them so dont assume she won't be bothered like some PP have said! Disney Paris was good but we havent rushed back there were holidays DS enjoyed more.


BuzzShitbagBobbly · 12/04/2020 19:11

I love hearing her laugh and jumping around with excitement

Honestly? Just camp in your garden / the lounge / the car - anywhere out of the ordinary and see how much fun she has doing it.

Wake her up at midnight to have a feast and get a star chart app on your phone to see what's above you.


Zantedeschia · 12/04/2020 19:15

My 5 year old's favourite holiday memories:

Eating pizza on the balcony
Playing in the sand at the playground


March20 · 12/04/2020 22:31

Grand Memories in Dominican Republic is a fantastic hotel. It’s right next door to the Royalton hotel (a buggy will take you in a few mins). Grand memories had an excellent kids club (best I’ve ever been to) staff cannot do enough. Fantastic water park & wave pool. White sandy beach is spotless. Different children’s activities tree climbing, face painting. Good day trips. The life guards were so observant around the pools for the kids not even sunglasses were allowed on. Wonderful place I’m usually one of them people that say I don’t know why anybody is going to the same destination twice.... how ever I would go back The Canadians are lovely people. I would hold off booking till at least September time though with the COVID..


Ariela · 12/04/2020 22:55

My DD had a holiday when she was 5 - her first abroad, and with her cousins sho she adores. Best thing was the foot tall knickerbocker glory.


BikeRunSki · 12/04/2020 23:25

Efteling or Duinrel holiday parks in the Netherlands


BoswellsBollocks · 12/04/2020 23:28

For a 5yo? Butlins!


CovidCanFKcuOFF · 13/04/2020 12:51

Efteling in holland.

Google it. Stay in Bosrijk. Best holiday ever had with 5 year old dd. Far far more magical and relaxing and beautiful than Disney. Stay 3 or 4 nights.

She'll never forget it. Perhaps combine with a landal, or the large eurocamp near it or the safari park with lodges right on the park... Berekse bergen. Or even duinrell water camp in North.


Ash19 · 13/04/2020 13:59

That sounds fab. Have looked at this place but found it hard to figure out where to stay. Has efiling alot of rides for little ones. Do you know what airport is nearest. Do you know what large eurocamp is near it. We have been to cambrils and it was amazing thanks

OP posts:

OddBoots · 13/04/2020 14:06

At that age I'd say a place with short journey time that isn't too crowded with space to play and explore.


1066vegan · 13/04/2020 14:22

I can't believe that some people are recommending cruises after the news stories of holiday makers being stuck on quarantined ships after more and more passengers caught the coronavirus. I would have expected that to put people off. They just seem to be the ideal places for any kind of virus to spread.


helpfulperson · 13/04/2020 14:34

I'd forgotten about eftling. Its perfect. Lots of rides for small children. Things like the dream flight which is a journey through a magical realm rather than a thrill ride. An old fashioned carousel is another one I remember.

Fly or boat to Amsterdam


Spied · 13/04/2020 14:40

I was going to suggest Lapland but it doesn't sound like it would fit dd's criteria!Grin


Gemma2019 · 13/04/2020 14:47

We go to Lalandia quite often, it's so easy to get to. Cheap flight from Stansted to Billund on Ryanair, then a free 10 minute bus from airport to Lalandia. Legoland is right next door. I'll be booking up as soon as this is all over. Efteling is lovely too but more expensive and trickier to get to for us.


midnightstar66 · 13/04/2020 15:48

We were supposed to be in efteling this week - you can fly to Eindhoven or Amsterdam or you can get the ferry


CokeEnStock · 15/04/2020 21:23

I loved the dream flight at Efteling and I was at least in my mid 40s 😂


CokeEnStock · 15/04/2020 21:27

It's fab for little ones. I'm also trying to remember how old dd was when we went to Duinrell. Certainly under 10 and there was lots at both places.


SeasonallySnowyPeasant · 15/04/2020 21:57

Efteling is brilliant for that age (and older). I’ve taken the kids most years since DD was 2 and they always ask to go back. We stay at Centerparcs De Vossemeren (also brilliant and loads cheaper than the U.K. version) and go to Efteling on the way back to the ferry.


SeasonallySnowyPeasant · 15/04/2020 21:58

@OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Do you remember where you went in Croatia? It sounds great!


Standrewsschool · 15/04/2020 22:00

A memorable holiday doesn’t have to be complicated - lots of family time together, time on the beach, swimming in the sea, lots of icecream etc.


KoalasandRabbit · 26/04/2020 20:56

I wouldn't be booking anything yet but at that age mine loved Lapland in the winter (we stayed at Santa Sport hotel which has a children's playarea and pool with TUI). Also Magic Natura was good fun - waterpark and animal park on site though they enjoyed all the First Choice Splashworld's we went to.

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