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How do I get money back?

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wannabebetter · 26/03/2020 16:19

I had flights with EasyJet booked to Portugal - booked back in October to travel on Monday 30/4. Been holding off for them to be cancelled as want refund rather than change to another date. Today, finally, they were cancelled - but I can't find any link to apply for refund, only to change - anyone been in this position?? I'd ring only I know I'd be on hold for about 3 years!!

OP posts:
GetTheSprinkles · 26/03/2020 16:21

I'm in same position so interested to see what people say. Was really looking forward to bringing DS to Portugal for the first time :(

wannabebetter · 26/03/2020 16:53

I wonder were you on my flight sprinkles!!!

OP posts:
bingohandjob · 26/03/2020 18:04

Similar position as I know my flights will be cancelled (first week of April, Canaries) but waiting for them to do it so I can have a refund. I've been bombarded with offers to change my flights but no mention of refunds until they cancel I assume. Lots of comments on social media saying easyJet behaving very poorly with regards to this and that even Ryan Air have promptly refunded cancelled flights. I do understand this will decimate the industry for some considerable time but we also need our funds back for similar reasons. I do hope they offer some reassurance on this soon.

Justmeandtwokids · 27/03/2020 17:12

Same for us as well, only they've only cancelled our outbound not the inbound, although Gatwick has now announced they are closing North Terminal for 30 days.

I have the option to rebook the outbound but nothing else - I want a refund (and not vouchers) which it seems you can only get by calling them, but funnily enough I can't get through!

I'm debating calling my credit card company and seeing what they say.

DeadBod · 27/03/2020 17:20

The same happened with Jet2. My flight was cancelled and I only had the option online to change the booking. After a week of trying (at random times) I finally got on a live chat. I was asked if I wanted to change my booking but I explained that I needed a refund. I have been promised a refund in 14 - 28 days and have had an email confirming this to be the case.

Onceateacher · 28/03/2020 00:10

I've sent the online contact form to easyJet asking for a refund but haven't heard anything yet - only been a couple of days though.
The next time I could rebook for would add hundreds to our trip, even without charges, so I only want a refund

Onceateacher · 28/03/2020 00:11

Also, I know from putting the flight number in that it is cancelled, but it is still coming up in my trips as if I could check in and go! Doesn't say cancelled at all.

fikel · 28/03/2020 00:12

My flight to Munich was cancelled, you cannot get through to the call centre . I have contacted my bank as paid by my credit card, they told me I could only raise it as a dispute after the date of travel

Onceateacher · 28/03/2020 11:20

Has anyone actually got money back from easyJet? Their twitter feed is going mad with people asking for refunds. Some saying they will only issue refunds if you phone, but it is impossible to get through... They haven't even notified me that my flight is cancelled yet (though it is).

SJaneS48 · 29/03/2020 12:38

Everyone is legally entitled to a refund according to the article below but EasyJet at the moment are a nightmare! I’ve tried so many times to get through to the Contact Centre but no joy! We’re not off till May and assume our flight will be cancelled but am not looking forward to the struggle to get the money back.

A friend who works in Contact Centre Outsourcing says EasyJet (a client) have refused to let their agents working on the account work from home as they are a ‘Key Service’. That and the fact it’s impossible to get a response from them says a lot about their ethics!

GetTheSprinkles · 29/03/2020 22:23

Maybe OP! We were meant to be flying from Luton around mid day.
Have just rebooked for July free of charge. Optimistic I know, but hey ho!

Sunndowne · 31/03/2020 19:20

So easyjet I'm convinced are not answering the phone. Their holiday dept says that online.
Very frustrating. We pressed button for voucher to use at another date. Could not find any way to request refund.

I suspect they want all to take credit note vouchers so they don't go under.

Sunndowne · 31/03/2020 19:21

They said on one forum customer care closed.

fikel · 31/03/2020 23:15

I have spent in total over 2 days 5 1/2 hours on hold I finally got through and have a refund

number ‭0161 774 9879

whiteroseredrose · 31/03/2020 23:21

Same here with Easyjet. Only option is a voucher.

SJaneS48 · 01/04/2020 18:29

But according to their T@Cs, a refund to the source of payment is one of three options we are entitled too! Personally I don’t want a voucher as god knows what’s going to happen with my job! Will look into claiming it back through our Credit Card I think -

Onceateacher · 01/04/2020 19:29

My April flights are still coming up as ready to check in.

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