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CineMA & BABY club

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teadrinker · 06/10/2004 07:46

Just discovered this one. For anyone living in the SW - Bristol/ Weston area the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon is doing a club for mothers and their babies.

It runs on Wednesdays 11am. The films are all latest releases.

I'm trying it or the first time today so will report if its any good. Think its a good idea though as I've been kicked out or refused entry to a cinema more than once because I took dd1 or dd2 with me (and they are usually excellent in these circumstances because I love movies and go whenever I can).

OP posts:

teadrinker · 06/10/2004 17:02

Been to the cineMA & BABY club today and can say SUPERB. Old cinema very welcoming - helped carry my buggy up steps. Plenty of room for tiddlers to roam in safety. Also enjoyed the film 'Stage Beauty'. £3.50 entry chg

Would recommend. Website

OP posts:

tammybear · 06/10/2004 17:09

I have heard about this. There isnt one in our local area. Would be good if they did.


MTS · 06/10/2004 17:11

there is a similar venture at FACT in Liverpool -

every second Thursday, 11 a.m. Films usually latest releases - bit of a mixed bag as to whether commercial or arthouse.


valleygirl · 06/10/2004 17:17

the Rio in Dalston (London E7) also has a mother's and baby's film club - on thursday's and occassionally on tuesdays. i have a friend who goes every week and is more up on film than me!


WideWebWitch · 06/10/2004 19:54

Oooh, I'm going to tell dp (a SAHD) about this! Thanks!

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