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Toddler Friendly PLaces in Edinburgh/st andrews

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winniewoo · 04/10/2004 20:25

Any suggestions to make life a little easier while spending two days in edinburgh and st andrews with ds 3 and 1. Restaurants/Swimming pools/Zoo??
Know of all the obvious attractions. Just wondered if there might have been anything special geared for pre schoolers??! I think even going on a dd bus will thrill them!.and seeing the castle. Dining options will be helpful..
Thank you

OP posts:

hmb · 04/10/2004 20:31

I'll come out of hiding for St Andrews.

The beaches are wonderful and the harbour is nice to wander around. The botanical gardens are also nice for a wander. There is also I good swimming pool with family sized changing rooms. It has a toddlers pool with a toddlers slide which my dd loved. There is a Sealife centre and there is the Craigtoun country park which is great for little ones, with a mini railway as well as bouncy castles and play parks. It is first rate. There are lots of child friendly resturants in town. Littlejohns was good, and had a mini railway that ran around a ledge!


tamum · 04/10/2004 21:28

Hmb!!! How lovely to see you.

I think if you know the obvious attractions you've probably got Edinburgh covered. There's a huge soft play place called the Jelly Club a mile or so out of town, and various smaller versions in town. Museum of Childhood is good if you can ditch the buggy. My favourite swimming pool is Warrender Baths, Victorian style change in a cubicle and leave all your stuff there, none of this new-fangled locker stuff . Chambers St museum excellent for toddlers, but I guess you know that. Meadows has various swing parks. I'll keep thinking, let me know if there's anything specific you need to know


winniewoo · 05/10/2004 15:38

Thanks for all the info. Tamum..any special places to eat in EDinburgh? Garfunkels, Umberto's or Gulliano I have read about..any ideas? Thought the museum might be a bit much..glad to hear it's toddler proof..will give it a go!
Hoping Craigtoun Park is open in Oct hols. Can't believe it's that time already. I have only just got back into a routine!!

OP posts:

midden · 05/10/2004 16:51

Umbertos was great but not open anymore, we tried to book last weekend! Ocean Terminal has some good places to eat and there is a toddler proof deck to boat watch from.

The Sealife centre at St Andrews is fab and the cafe there is really good.


tamum · 05/10/2004 16:59

Oh, I hadn't heard that Umberto's had shut! It's years since we went there, but it was good. To be honest Pizza Express is fine- there's a lovely one in Stockbridge with tables by the river (just right for Edinburgh in October ) and they're very child friendly. There are cafes in the Museum too (which is great for toddlers, honest- huge space to run around, fish ponds, you name it). Brown's is also child-friendly and central (George St) and there's a pizza place next to it called Est Est Est that is also apparently good for children. Haven't been to Garfunkel's, but there's also TGI Friday and another similar one on (guessing here) Hanover st? I'll keep thinking, and if all else fails, goes to Waterstone's and have a quick thumb through "Edinburgh for Under Fives" (which I assume you won't want to buy for 2 days). Have fun!


Pidge · 05/10/2004 17:02

winniewoo - had a holiday in St Andrews and Edinburgh in July with my 2 year old. In St A she loved the aquarium - particularly because we coincided with them feeding the seals. She still talks about the seagulls trying to steal the fish from the seals! If the weather is nice the tourist office there have a map of the town with all the playgrounds and the facilities in each marked.

In Edinburgh - the botanical gardens were a hit, but then it was nice weather. The cafe there was great too - loads of kiddies.


tamum · 05/10/2004 17:05

Oh yes, Princes St Gardens will be good too if the weather is OK- hadn't mentioned the Botanics because it's absolutely baltic today. There are a few previous threads on this that would be worth looking at if you don't mind reading my views all over again


alicatsg · 05/10/2004 17:08

I add a vote for Craigtoun - its fantastic for littlies (used to be a hospital where I was born by the way so heritage is also.. fabulous!)

The Sands are also good for a run around but wrap up warm and don't go if its windy because it gets a bit sandstormy.

The castle is ok but keep an eye on them as there are loads to climb on but on the plus side its very exciting looking out of the arrow slits etc or so my god daughter thought.

Eating wise - used to be a cafe called Brambles on College Street which was sort of healthy and child friendly in what they served but its small. Littlejohns is great. Otherwise most of the pubs on nroth street (by the links) are child friendly - can't not be in St As really.

Have a great time, I miss the place hugely,


hmb · 05/10/2004 17:15

brambles is shut now, I think. but agree that it was great


hmb · 05/10/2004 17:17

oh and have and ice cream in janettas ! Even if it is cold. And don't miss the chance to have a fudge dougnut in Fisher and Donaldsons bakers! Best thing you can eat for a treat!


snmum · 05/10/2004 17:18

hmb, come here and give me a snog


hmb · 05/10/2004 17:35

RU after me or the Fudgies???


roisin · 05/10/2004 18:33

Nice to see you posting hmb, and glad to see you've been lurking


candy · 05/10/2004 19:28

We went to the elephant house for lunch in edinburgh - which apparently is where jk wrote HP - v nice sarnies and veggie pasties plus cakes etc - the kids liked it a lot as it's full of (you guessed it!) elephants!


Marina · 06/10/2004 09:15

we enjoyed Valvona and Crolla's cafe in Edinburgh for a special lunch, they do welcome children there. Yummy Italian food. Hmb, nice to see you hen!


alicatsg · 06/10/2004 11:04

oh god the fudge donuts..... I'd forgotten them. They're fabulous.

I'm so jealous now, have the best time.

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