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August bank holiday city break ideas

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FizzyPink · 29/02/2020 20:05

Looking for ideas for a surprise break over August bank holiday weekend for DPs birthday potentially with another couple.
I fancied Palma but cheap flights aren’t at great times but still an option. I also fancy Valencia but he wasn’t keen when I dropped it into conversation. Suggestions for somewhere hot with nice restaurants/city to wander around but also option to sunbathe by the pool if we fancied. Preferably under 4 hours flight time please

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FizzyPink · 29/02/2020 20:08

Oh and I’ve done Seville and absolutely loved it so would consider it and he’s done Lisbon with the friend we may be going with so that’s probably a no

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CottonSock · 29/02/2020 20:11

I went to Paris one August bh. It was 35 degrees. Left Cardiff in rain and felt very smug..We booked last minute based on weather, but the flights did cost.

AllTheCakes · 29/02/2020 20:12

If you’re keen on Spain, then San Sebastian. Flights to Bilbao are generally cheap. Very much a foodie destination.

FizzyPink · 29/02/2020 20:13

Oohh I hadn’t actually considered Paris and I don’t think he’s been. Will look into hotels with rooftop pools as I know he’ll be keen for some chill time

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CottonSock · 29/02/2020 20:25

San Sebastian and Bilbao are also amazing. I'd want longer than a weekend there though as it's just so beautiful in the surrounding mountains. We flew easy jet to Bilbao

Lippy1234 · 02/03/2020 16:44


Sewingbea · 02/03/2020 22:47

Verona? Very scenic.

Bunnylady54 · 02/03/2020 22:49


SpeckledyHen · 16/03/2020 06:45

Porto ?
Stay by the beach and bus / tram into the city .

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