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URGENT! Turkey - any tips for whether we should go or not?

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Rhubarb · 06/09/2002 15:12

I've just seen a last minute bargain for the resort of Alanya in Turkey and wondered what other Mumsnetters opinions were of the resort? Our dd is 2 and we want a holiday that is not too packaged (i.e. we can get out of the resort easily and head for more locally places), quiet (not too many discos and drunken 18-30's) and friendly. The holiday is for the end of this month and we need to get back to the Travel Agents tonight to book it, so quick replies would be appreciated on this one.

OP posts:
hmb · 06/09/2002 15:18

Not been to that resort, but we went near Bodrum earlier this year. It was very hot but the Turkish people are very friendly, and very child oriented. We went out with our 2 children (5 and 2) for meals, and had lots of help from waiters etc. The exchange rate is excellent at the moment, so you get a lot for your money. Can't comment on the resort you mention but I'd go back to Turkey tomorrow, if I could.

emsiewill · 06/09/2002 16:13

Rhubarb, I found this , don't know if either of these are relevant, but thought they might be helpful. I'm sure there's another similar site, but can't find it at the moment.

Rhubarb · 06/09/2002 20:41

Thanks guys, I think we'll probably give that particular holiday a miss as dh says it looks too resorty, which I agree with. We'll keep looking for a deal to Turkey though, I do fancy it!

OP posts:
Ailsa · 06/09/2002 22:38

It's a shame you're going to give it a miss because of the resort. I haven't been to Alanya, but most resorts are 'resorty'. It's so cheap and easy to find places that aren't 'resorty' by just hopping on a dolmus - a mini bus.

I love Turkey, we went to Gumbet (near Bodrum) in July, which is probably the most 'touristy' resort on the peninsula, but we did'nt spend much time in resort.

janh · 07/09/2002 16:05

Rhubarb, I just looked up emsiewill's link (I'm dead nosy, me) and one report said "If you like sunning, reading, not doing much in the day and quiet restaurants, bars, not clubbing at night, try Alanya" - doesn't sound very resorty - is it too late for you to get in?

emsiewill · 07/09/2002 16:16

janh, I thought exactly the same as you. A shame to miss out, Rhubarb if it was a good deal.

Rhubarb · 07/09/2002 17:18

Oops, we have missed out I'm afraid! But we have just booked a holiday to the Algarve, Albufeira to be precise. It was just as cheap as the Turkey one, the accommodation looks nicer, self-catering studio flats. It looks quiet, but as neither of us has been to the Algarve before we'd like some info if any of you have been before.....

I do hope we haven't just made a huge mistake! It was all very last minute as it always is with these deals.

OP posts:
janh · 07/09/2002 20:28

no info from me, never been even to Spain before never mind Portugal, but hope you all have a great time!

janh · 07/09/2002 20:31

and, Rhubarb, if you go to emsiewill's link again, there are further links to Portugal/Albufeira if you want to look!

ionesmum · 07/09/2002 21:27

Rhubarb, I used to go to the Algarve every year with my parents and it's lovely. Lots of nice food esp. fish and fruit, and the people are really nice. None of my family speak a word of Portuguese but we coped fine with self-catering. I bought some nice hand-painted pottery there. It can get cool in the evenings so make sure that you have a few jumpers or fleeces.

emsiewill · 07/09/2002 23:04

I was going to suggest going back to "my" link, but couldn't find Portugal on it.

helenmh · 09/09/2002 14:45

Hi Thought I would add a comment Hope its not too late. We have just come back from Turkey and had a wonderful time but I dont know the resort you mention. Generally we found the people v.friendly, great coast, scenery, v..child friendly and v. cheap. I think there is a site called where you read honest reports of resorts and also holidays uncovered which is a site where people write reviews. Have a great time where ever you go

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