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Moving to Amsterdam

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crystaltips · 06/09/2002 10:27

A friend of mine has just moved to Amsterdam. I was wondering whether or not any of you have some advice of where to go and what to see.

She is going to be a SAHM for the first time - having run her own business. She has 2 boys under 6.
Any advice would be welcome.


OP posts:
nics1stbaby · 06/09/2002 11:25

I spent 2 years living in Amsterdam as a student back in 1994/96. I didn't have a baby, but I found the City so friendly, cheap and safe as a single female.

Tons and tons to do. I can only suggest the things I experienced. Try walking, cycling with baby, anywhere. Go to one of the many of parks. Walk around and get lost (it's not that big a city, so you'll always end up somewhere familiar in the end. There's a city zoo near Diemen (could still be the no.9 tram from Rembramdtsplein, but don't quote me!). Completely acceptable to sit on own in a cafe with kids. Young and old drinking in bars together.

Can't rave enough about it. Best bit is, the dutch as really friendly, so she'll have no bother meeting people.

sobernow · 06/09/2002 12:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MandyD · 06/09/2002 21:53

I went to Amsterdam with DP when we were first together and childless! He threw a hissy fit about being away from the UK and stalked off to the nearest pub, claiming to have observed the red light district (for research purposes) on the way! I had a leg in plaster at the time so my expeditions were a bit limited...

We stayed at the Boatel, moored about 500m from Central Station. I was hungry so I walked back, crossed in front of the station and was greeted by an English-speaking guy who turned out to be selling the Dutch version of the Big Issue. I asked him directions to McDonalds (not very imaginative choice of cuisine!) and walked down with him in the road opposite the station. He made some recommendations of places to visit, we discussed the Big Issue organisation in Amsterdam vs. London, in the end he asked me if I wanted a magazine, I said I couldn't read Dutch so just gave him the cover price!

MalmoMum · 07/09/2002 21:25

I think Am'dam is a great place to live although when i studied there it was Before Children. Transport with trams, buses and bikes is great. does your friend have some where to live as rent controls made flat renting like hen's teeth in my day.

I hope your friend does not need my old tips for how to avoid paying on the trams, I've grown out of that myself. If she hasmore than one child then I would recommned getting a trailer for the bike.

Otherwise, try any ex pat connection you can find. I don't know if there is a link group but there are plenty of Hash House Harriers.

MalmoMum · 07/09/2002 21:27

I reckon that it's the safest town I've lived in (and then I moved to sooper safe Malmö.

Ghosty · 07/09/2002 21:41

Holland is very close to my heart. I grew up there from aged 3 - 6 then from age 10 - 18. Your friend will find that there are so many friendly people in Holland. Nearly everyone speaks English (and French and German!) so the language won't be a problem. The Dutch are really impressed if you learn their language though!

What some people forget is that there is so much more to Holland than Amsterdam and as the country is so small it doesn't take long to get to places (it takes about 2 hours to drive East to West and about 4 hours to drive North to South)

The history of the country is so rich and there is so much to see. Delft is the city famous for its blue and white china, Gouda is famous for its cheese and still has the cheese market (English people think of Edam when they think of dutch cheese but Gouda is much much nicer!). Den Haag (or The Hague) is the centre of the government (not Amsterdam) and has some wonderful architecture, museums and shopping. The seaside is never too far away from anywhere in Holland - your friend has to try 'Patat Met' (chips with mayonaise!) and Poffertjes (little tiny pancakes with butter and icing sugar - to die for!!!). Don't forget the beer either! Then of course you have Friesland in the north of Holland (rural dairy farmland - home of the black and white fresian cow! You might even see a real live farmer cycling along with wooden clogs on - not very common anymore I'm afraid)

I could go on for ever and ever about that tiny but wonderful place but you are probably dozing off by now! Let me know if you want anymore info - happy to oblige!

Your friend is really lucky and I think she will love it there!

MalmoMum · 09/09/2002 12:55

There is something about living in Holland on

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