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Train to Bordeaux - can it be cheaper than flying?

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godiva1999 · 13/02/2020 15:41

We have just booked a lovely gite, and are keen to not fly this year for environmental reasons. I've looked into getting the train from St Pancras and although the fares and timetables for August have yet to be released, it looks like it'll cost about £270 return per person based on a sample journey in April. The flights to Bordeaux in August are currently around £150. So annoying. I can't justify spending another £500 when flying will be so much cheaper. Driving isn't really an option for various reasons, although we'd pick up a hire car to get to the gite.

I wondered if anyone had any tips of securing a cheaper train fare? And do they get even more expensive in August, like everything else? Does anyone know when the August fares and timetables are released?

OP posts:
Namaste6 · 13/02/2020 15:45

Train fares are usually released 3 months in advance of your travel date in France. Yes, fares are likely to increase in August as it's
French holiday season.

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