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50th birthday destination Jan/Feb 2021

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DottyP · 02/02/2020 13:45

Hi - I have been searching the threads for some inspiration on where I can go for a 10 night dream holiday to start my 50th year. Going with another couple so Adults Only, hot, stunning beaches, water sports (sailing), near somewhere lively in the evening if we choose. I’m thinking Caribbean (never been so not sure where) but open to other suggestions. Thanks.

OP posts:
Mrsmch123 · 02/02/2020 14:46

Hi I would go Caribbean- Jamaica or Dominican Republic. Or Sri Lanka.

BubblesBuddy · 02/02/2020 16:06

I wouldn’t go to those Caribbean Islands. There are nicer ones! Lively in the evening is a bit of an issue except for possibly Jamaica and Barbados. Far more special is hiring a crewed yacht out of Tortola in the BVI. You can fly from Antigua. You could stay in Antigua before sailing. The BVIs are stunning and if you could pass on the clubbing it’s a bit more classy. Beaches to die for.

Failing that, try St Lucia. Or even Rio de Janeiro. You might like the Kenya coast too.

eurochick · 02/02/2020 16:12

Mauritius or Maldives?

DottyP · 02/02/2020 17:20

Sorry when I said lively I meant somewhere where we can potentially walk to different bars/restaurants. My clubbing days are long gone Hmm but as we are going with friends I’m not after really quiet and intimate. I like the sound of the crewed yacht.....

OP posts:
SJaneS48 · 03/02/2020 08:01

Sri Lanka has spectacular beaches definitely- however where we were in the South coast the sea was so rough you couldn’t swim and there were no water sports. Kenya also has great beaches but a swimable sea & water sports (there’s a yacht club in Mombasa & lots of diving/snorkelling places). I’m not sure about the safety of the wandering around in the dark bit though!

A lot of this depends on your budget - the Caribbean I’d think would be your most obvious option and the islands all have different price tags and levels of safety. Tobago was very pretty with good beaches and lush interior and it felt safe wandering out at night to eat. Not the Caribbean but Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica had beautiful tropical beaches, lots of wildlife, kayaking, sailing, canopy walking etc. The road leading up to the park is lined with restaurants serving a wide range of foods and bars and we ate out there every night. We went on a wedding anniversary trip and stayed at a beautiful resort with its own beach set in the rainforest, definitely a special occasion place & happy to provide details if you’d like them! Manuel Antonio is a 2 hour drive from San Jose or you can drive. There are direct Gatwick flights to San Jose.

Very jealous! It’s my 50th this year & DH has kindly planned a trip away which my very leaky mouthed DD have told me all about. Incredibly ungrateful of me and spoilt but it’s not really what I’d have picked at all but at least you get pick yours in conjunction with your friends. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

SJaneS48 · 03/02/2020 08:03

‘Or you can fly’ not or ‘or you can drive!’!

DottyP · 03/02/2020 15:05

Thank you so much for your reply - I’m really glad you mentioned Costa Rica and MA in particular as that was a place that I had been really thinking about. Do you mind me asking what hotel you stayed in in Manuel Antonio? Is it easy to do trips from there? I’m feeling excited now! I hope you have an amazing holiday even though it’s not what you would necessarily choose - my DH would be the same Hmm!

OP posts:
SJaneS48 · 03/02/2020 15:23

Of course, that’s fine. We stayed at Tulemar ( - it’s not really a hotel but a series of properties spread out across 30 odd acres of rainforest. There is a range of properties depending on budget (though even the cheaper ones aren’t that cheap!), 4 pools, an on-site restaurant and shop, concierges, private cooks (if you want them) and free jeep pick ups. It does have its own beach and an on site slough institute. We saw as much wildlife in Tulemar as we saw in the National Park and it was lovely having monkeys on the balcony looking down through the forest to the beach. Highly recommend but I appreciate its not inexpensive! There are free kayaks on the beach. The concierges do suggest trips for you but to be honest, there’s a small travel agency along the road outside selling the same trips for less! On the road outside the resort that leads up to the park there are numerous restaurants from Tex Mex and Italian through to traditional Costa Rican (not a great national cuisine!). There’s also two mini markets.

And thank you, I assume he’s booked it as he knows it’s a city I love (although have been to a million times!). It was very thoughtful in his own way!

SJaneS48 · 03/02/2020 15:27
MrsFezziwig · 03/02/2020 15:33

I’m with BubblesBuddy as I love the BVI and on a crewed yacht you get to visit different places every day. However, it is very expensive and you have to bear in mind that the cabins/bathrooms won’t be as luxurious as in a good hotel. Also don’t go if any of you get seasick - sounds obvious but I have known it happen!

lovelyupnorth · 03/02/2020 15:47

Depending on Budget I’d do Barbados or BVI or St. Maarten. If budget tight then maybe Antigua or St Lucia.

All depends what you want and how much.

We’ve done Barbados on a budget in January and St Maarten not on a budget.

Would do either in a heart beat again.

Planning Cape Town for my 50th in a couple of years. Did Canada for my OH

lovelyupnorth · 03/02/2020 15:49

If you want somewhere you can do luxury cheap we are currently in Ghana should cost us less than £3k for 16 nights top hotels including injections and spends.

Dinner for 4 in a 5 star hotel was less than £50. Similar dinner in a 5 star hotel in st. Maarten was over £900

lovelyupnorth · 03/02/2020 15:50

Should add the st Maarten meal was 20 years ago.

LEELULUMPKIN · 15/02/2020 10:42

The Cayman Islands? I've been there a few times and it is beautiful.

It's my 50th in 41 days time and I will be in The Maldives.

MonkeysandParrots · 15/02/2020 16:08

Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos. Sounds like a perfect fit.

Strokethefurrywall · 15/02/2020 16:25

I live in the Cayman Islands and definitely don't recommend spending your money here! It's the most expensive of all the Caribbean Islands and your money won't go far.

I would absolute do Costa Rica for the variety of activities and slice of a different life. Would also recommend a crewed yacht as well,

I went to an eco lodge in Honduras for the weekend for my 40th in October, that was amazing. We had the whole ledge to ourselves, private chef, private guide, full service 24/7, whatever we wanted to eat/drink etc. woke up to the sounds of the rainforest every morning, did yoga next to waterfalls, it was magic.

For my next big one, I'm heading back to South Africa, I loved it when I went traveling. The adventure activities are class!

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