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TUSCANY - Any recommendations?

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JoolsToo · 25/09/2004 15:58

Love Italy - been to the Dolomites, the Lakes and Sicilly. Would like to go to Tuscany next year - ideally self catering. Would love to hear any recommendations.


OP posts:

collision · 25/09/2004 16:58

Hi there!

I live in Tuscany and it is fabulous! I can recommend a fantastic agriturismo which is in Monteguidi and has it's own pool and cooking facilities and know lots of apartments that you could book without going through an agency. We live in a tiny village called Mensano which i doubt you would find on a map but if you look for a place called Casole d'Elsa that is near where we live.

It is an hour from Florence, 40 mins from Siena and 30 mins from San Gimignano. HTH.

Contact me through MN if you like.


JoolsToo · 26/09/2004 13:18

thanks collision! will certainly check the area out.

anyone else?

OP posts:

geogteach · 26/09/2004 16:14

we had a great holiday in Luca a couple of years ago, nice walled city and near enough to drive to Pisa, coast, San Gimagnana etc

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