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britax car seats

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marz · 27/08/2002 10:52

Hi, I am considering getting the club class car seat, (only one so far that will fit my micra...) and have read the review on mumsnet..I am wondering if any of you feel that the buckle is particularly bad, from pictures it looks as if it is the same as all britax seats, but obviously I am concerned with the safety of my babe trying to undo it....
Also, has anyone seen the which report and if so, was this seat reviewed?
I have only see the what car report and this seat was not in it.....
Many thanks in advance!!
I am posting this in the products section too.....apologies if you have read it twice!

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Tissy · 27/08/2002 11:04

Marz, you're lucky the Club Class extra will fit your Micra- it won't fit our Polo! When we tried it in our car the buckle etc seemed fine- no worse than any other make. I've got the Which? report at home (can't get it at work, as I can't remember my password). The gist of the report was that none of the car seats tested performed particularly well on side-impact testing, but some were positively dangerous. I can't remember specifics, but the Club Class was one of the better ones.

HTH, and if anyone out there has a 0-4 car seat in a Polo, please let me know what make it is, dd is still being squashed into the rock-a-tot!!

marz · 27/08/2002 11:27

Thankyou for that! Isn't it a nighmare, this car seat thing?? By the way, have you tried phoning the manufacturer? Apparently ( I was told......) they should be able to tell you which car seats are likely to fit your car...(I found out that nissan actually make a car seat,although I never saw it, I know it would not have been reviewed anywhere though!
Dd is now 10.5months and still in original car excuse is that she was small!!!
Good luck with the search!

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