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Tips for Paris with a nearly one year old

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Tillysmummy · 27/08/2002 09:08

Does anyone have any tips for me We are taking dd to Paris for a long weekend on Thursday to see my brother. The family (mum, grandma etc) are coming too so that should be helpful. I am sure Eurostar will be easier than a plane because there's more room to move.

DD is nearly one and very active on the crawling and practising walking front. We are already aware that we won't be able to do what we've done before in terms of going out all day etc, etc because she won't want to be strapped in her buggy. Does anyone have any great suggestions for keeping active little ones amused and happy to sit in their buggies for a least a while. We are going to try and give her an hour's run around / play every couple of hours so she doesn't get too peeved. Any suggestions also on nice places to play in Paris / good parks ? Im a bit worried about all the dog poo everywhere ! Every time we've been to Paris before it has of course been baby free so very different.

Also we were planning on trying to take her out in the evening and see how it goes as there will be so many hands to help. If it doesn't work we'll just stay in but does anyone have any wise words about disrupting a routine like that for a few days and how easily she will get back into her old routine once home ?

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Enid · 27/08/2002 10:32

Buy a backpack? They are great for city trips at that age.

Forget the routine and just take her out with you. If it works you'll have a lovely time, and if it doesn't I promise she'll settle back eventually once you get home.

Have a lovely time!

Tillysmummy · 27/08/2002 10:36

Thanks Enid ! I did think about the backpack thing and wondered if she'd enjoy it more than the buggy but didn't want to spend the money if she didn't like it (which of course I won't know till we bought it) - also how long could she use it for ? She is nearly one now but quite tall (18-24 months close!) and quite heavy. Have you got a backpack ? Any recommendations ?

I think you're right about the routine just needed some reassurance - Thx !

OP posts:
Enid · 27/08/2002 10:39

We borrowed one, and it was very useful for a while, although I never managed to use it as I have a bad back dp was quite happy to lug dd around in it. They are great at that age as they can see much more and its such a novelty to be high up. They are expensive so its a bit of a risk but most children seem to like them.

Enid · 27/08/2002 10:41

We borrowed a GS90 (urchin do them) its about £90 but was very good with good weight distribution. I think there's a backpack thread somewhere. I wouldnt bother buying one, but as I say we were lucky enough to borrow one.

Azzie · 27/08/2002 11:29

Tillysmummy, have a wonderful time (who me, envious? Of course not...). We spent a weekend in Paris when ds was 3 and dd was almost 1, and it was brilliant. We went by Eurostar (well, the family plus my mum and stepdad did - I cycled there ona charity thing) and the kids loved it. Eating out was good because so many places have tables outside. We went to the Tuileries with the kids, which both liked, especially the boating pond with people sailing their toy boats. We took dd's fold up stroller so that she could sleep in it if necessary, but a backpack would be easier on the Metro.

As to backpacks, dd is still using hers at 2.75 y.o. (dh carried her up a Scottish mountain in it the weekend before last) but she is fairly slight (75th centile height and 51st weight). Dh carried ds in the backpack until he was over 2, and ds was a big lad.

Tillysmummy · 27/08/2002 12:35

Azzie thanks for that it's very helpful. I think we may be rushing off to buy a backpack yet ! Any recommendations, we've only got tomorrow, we're off Thursday and we're both working - HELP !

OP posts:
helenmc · 27/08/2002 12:43

Paris underground is NIGHTMARE for taking buggy. We resorted to lifting it over barriers and hauling up and down stairs. ALso spent a lovely day at the zoo - a bit old fashioned and I guess a zoo is tha same as at home, but the kids loved the animals. have a lovely time and hope the weather is kind to you.

Ems · 27/08/2002 13:39

Tillysmummy, we took our 6 yr old to Paris last year and had a great time. Got a book called Around Paris with kids by Fodors. Just looked in for things to suit you:

Jardin D' Acclimiatation
Bois de Boulogne 16e
Metro; Porte Maillot, Sablons

Open June-Sept daily 10-7

Paris's oldest amusement park, all recently renovated; mini farm, riverboat ride, fairground type games, Maison Enchantee has things for all ages, a foam room for babies age 9 months up!!

Fun way to arrive is to take Le Petit Train from the Porte Maillot (at the edge of the Bois de Boulogne) to the park entrance. It runs every 15 mins on Wed, Sat and Sun and every day in hols.

Park contains snack bars and 3 restaurants.

We had a stop for weary legs (after Sacre Couer) at the big store Galeries Lafayette. Great toy department, loos, an indoors McDonalds. Rue Boulevard Haussmann.

We found the buses really easy to get the hang of, and spent most of our time on them as opposed to the Metro.

Instead of a Seine river cruise, too long for littlie I think, you can buy a River Bus ticket and get on and off when you want to.

Have a lovely time, there are lots of parks and fountains etc, where you can stop off and let her let off steam!

Bozza · 27/08/2002 14:11

Tillysmummy - would reccommend a back pack. We recently got a secnd hand one and even I manage to carry two stone DS around in it (although not for too long at once - mainly to give DH a break).

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