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turkey is great

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helenmh · 26/08/2002 15:40

We have just returned from 2 weeks in gocek Turkey and what a wonderful country. Lovely people who adore children. Lovely coast and scenery. A bit exotic without sacrificing comfort . Lots of history for older kids into ruins.Also amazingly cheap.

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bossykate · 26/08/2002 19:45

hi helen

glad to hear you had such a good time! can you tell me roughly whereabouts it is in turkey, was it a long journey from the airport and was it blisteringly hot?

we have just come back from a really excellent week away here in the uk - restored my faith in holidays post children!

much as we enjoyed it, we used to really love travelling abroad and i'm on the lookout now for short haul destinations which are also child friendly, so any further comments you have would be great.

thanks in advance

bossykate · 26/08/2002 19:47

meant to say, have been to turkey before, back-packing - a looong time ago! - and really enjoyed it then.

Eulalia · 26/08/2002 20:35

Helen - we are thinking of going to Turkey next month. Can I ask where you were? Do you need any vaccinations? Is it OK for a baby (dd will be around 5 months). Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks.

helenmh · 27/08/2002 21:01

We booked with tapestry holidays. Gocek was only about half an hour transfer from Dalaman airport going south. The appartments we stayed at are going to take bookings independently next year as they have so many repeat guests (this actually makes them much cheaper) Tapestry were very good but if you feel more adventorous it is very easy to find places even in aug.The yagmur appatments can be contacted by e.mail [email protected]. I am afraid it is very hot in aug but we found plenty of shady places between one and three. We found everything to be very clean. The gp just recommended having our tetanus jabs up to date. There are no sandy beaches in gocek. We went to the beach near Dalyan which was sandy. If you dont mind pebble beaches Gocek island is a wonderful laid back place. We did hire a car but it is very easy to get around without one. Gocek was so friendly we knew all the locals after a few days and they adore children. Sleeping babies on gocek island were put in a hammock and rocked.Any thing else you want to know please ask. Helen

OP posts:
bossykate · 27/08/2002 21:23

thanks v. much, helen

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