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Canal/ boating holidays -anyone done them?

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turtle · 25/08/2002 08:10

We're thinking of doing this next year, 3 famillies, 6 kids ( 2x8y/o, 2x5y/o and 2x 3y/o!). Anyone any experiences?

OP posts:
emsiewill · 25/08/2002 08:25

Not with my own children, but when I was a child, my brother's godparents owned (still do) a canal boat, and we used to have great holidays on them. The only thing I would say is that while the boat is sailing, there's not much to "do" - we were (are) a family of bookworms, so were happy to read, lying on top of the boat as it sailed along. Not sure how a 3 year old would react.
Having said that, I went on the same boat a few years later, with a 2.5 year old (again, not my own), and I don't remember it being a problem - although as it was pre my own kids, maybe I just didn't notice how much entertaining he needed!

Mooma · 25/08/2002 12:58

We're just back from a week's holiday on the Stourport ring (Birmingham & Worcester canal plus a stint on the Severn).
Our party of eight ranged from 6 to 71 in ages, our narrowboat a 70 footer that could sleep 8 to 10. All aboard were good swimmers, but the 6 yr old had a lifejacket for whenever he was off the boat or sitting up front or with the driver.
It was a wonderful relaxing week. The locks provide a burst of activity (our record being 42 in one day, including a flight of 16!) otherwise you can watch the world go by and read loads, as emsiewill says. I used to get off for a couple of miles' walk each day, and take my 6 yr old with me, to make sure he didn't go stir crazy!
All the kids loved it, except the two foot-wide bunks...someone fell out every night. Our double (4ft) was a tight squeeze, and so creaky that marital relations had to be completely suspended!
My parents really enjoyed themselves and were able to take an active part.
Make sure you read up on all the safety points and how to operate locks, steer etc before you go. There are potential dangers and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Dh and I had each been 3 times before, but still needed to be alert as the rest of the party were novices.
We had really good weather and I'm sure it would have been different if we'd been huddled in the boat avoiding the rain.

Mooma · 29/08/2002 19:34

Oh dear Emsiewill, have I put you off. I knew I shouldn't add the part about the bunks!

batey · 09/08/2003 07:23

Well, we're off today!! Wish us luck........!!!

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