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Toronto next summer with a 10 and 6 yr old, what do you think?

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SecondhandRose · 21/09/2004 08:44

Thnking of booking flights to Toronto next summer and exploring the area and probably going into the US too.

Is this a wise idea with a 10 and 6 year old that are used to Disneyworld?

Can anyone tell me where we should go and what there is to see and do.


OP posts:
littlemissbossy · 21/09/2004 09:20

I haven't been but am interested to see how this thread goes, this may be an option for our holiday next year too

NotQuiteCockney · 19/10/2004 10:51

Are you still considering this, SecondhandRose? I'm from Toronto originally, and go back every year, so I can certainly give lots of tips ...

Toronto is full of interesting things to do with kids, the CNE (mostly August) is like a fair, but much bigger, with agricultural shows, and complete chaos. Ontario Place is great fun, although maybe more for younger ones. The Royal Ontario Museum is really great. The Islands, which are just a short ferry ride away, are great fun. The Science Centre is a bit like the Science Museum in London, but much newer and more hands-on.

And if you want a Disneyworld sort of experience, there's always Canada's Wonderland, which is about an hour north of Toronto.

codswallop · 19/10/2004 10:56

dh is form threr
will ask
and pph lived there too

808state · 19/10/2004 14:08

Took my son (5) there this August for a week, we all enjoyed ourselves.

Its a nice and friendly city to visit for both adults and children. Shopping is also good at the Eaton Centre. Mr Greenjeans is a good place to eat at this mall.

Would certainly suggest you visit all the places suggested along with a trip out to Niagara Falls. CN Tower is good, the security arch though did frighten the smaller children a bit (this arch blows air on you).

There is also now a "Hippo" tour bus that takes you around the city and into Lake Ontario. It's start point is near the CN Tower.

BTW keep all your receipts (except the ones for meals) totalling over $50 CN. You can get these receipts stamped at Customs before you leave Canada (you must have the receipts stamped), if you do this you can claim the GST (tax) back!!.


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