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hello Frenchgirl

2 replies

hatter · 18/09/2004 23:47

Hi there

not sure if you remember but you posted to me about St Jean de Luz a few weeks back. We've just got back from our holiday and had a great time. St Jean is so pretty - and excellent beach - the girls loved it. We made it up the little railway - amazing views - and the girls and our friends' little boy had a great time clambering over the rocks and stroking the horses. We also went to St Sebastian for a day - would have liked more time to look round (without kids in tow, probably) but ended up at the Aquarium, which was a good way to spend a rainy day. Al in all had a great time and would like to go back. Saw the church whre you got married btw.

OP posts:

Frenchgirl · 18/09/2004 23:59

hatter that's brilliant!!!! glad you had a lovely time


Frenchgirl · 20/09/2004 10:19

hatter, sorry I didn't reply to your message properly on Saturday, I was in a hurry....
Thanks for letting me know how it went, I was wondering when you were going, I couldn't remember! I didn't go this summer, so am very envious...... Did you go to the '64' shop? and the market? My parents are there at the moment, they were telling it was lovely and hot again...grrr...

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