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Advice on Cyprus

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MABS · 21/08/2002 19:13

We're off to Protaras next week to an, allegedly, very child friendly resort - I'll let you know if it was....

Anyone know the area at all, anyone know anything about Cypriot hospitals? I know you're thinking that's an odd question but just to explain. Last year we went to Cyprus and ds was taken ill after 2 days - we flew home where he was hospitalised. At Easter this year we went to Florida - this time we had 3 days before he got ill and was admitted to a fantastic hospital.

We've taken a lot of advice and they say he is fit to fly sooooo we're trying again - wish us luck(we'll need it)

OP posts:
Bozza · 21/08/2002 22:17

No advice mabs but good luck. I hope you all, and especially your DS, have a lovely time.

MABS · 21/08/2002 22:32

Thanks Bozza - we need all the luck we can get !

OP posts:
sb34 · 21/08/2002 22:41

Message withdrawn

MABS · 22/08/2002 08:40

Don't mind you asking at all. He was born 11 wks prem and was ventilated which saved his life....but did some damage to his lungs. This has meant that he gets pneumonia and bronchiolitis loads. He's been hospitalised with it, to date 12 times and he's only 22 months. They were also testing him for Cystic Fibrosis recently - but Thank God that's negative.

Yeah - reading this , maybe we are mad but at present he's been 'well' since June so we've got to try! Thanks for your concern Mabs

OP posts:
sb34 · 22/08/2002 11:28

Message withdrawn

Bozza · 22/08/2002 11:40

Mabs I would have thought the warm weather might be good for your DS - but thats just a guess and I don't really know what I'm talking about. Does he struggle on the plane with the poorer quality air, pressure change etc?

MABS · 22/08/2002 17:24

SB34 - yes you're right - I always have antibiotics with me, in case. Enjoy Devon

Bozza - they don't reckon its anything to do with the plane, it could well be the change in temperature though. Sorry to sound selfish but he'll just have to suffer as I want some sun and relaxation (yet anonther example of my failings as a parent...)

OP posts:
jodee · 22/08/2002 18:02

MABS, I hope it's third time lucky for you this time, and your little chap stays well. Glad the CF test came back negative too. Enjoy!

sb34 · 22/08/2002 23:53

Message withdrawn

lisaj · 23/08/2002 19:28

We went to Protaras last year when ds was just over 2. We thought it was alright, as it had some nice beaches, although we went in May, when it was too cold to go in the sea, so spent most of our time by the pool. It was also very windy for a fair bit of the time too. We actually stayed in a part called Pernera, which is a bit further out, but fine for restaurants etc. We also stayed in a hotel with a creche, which was excellent for ds. I think he might have got a bit bored otherwise. The one thing we found is that the resort is a long way from anywhere, although having said that they were completing a new dual carriageway, so it should be much easier to get to other places. We visited Larnaca a couple of times and Limassol once, but that was a fair drive. Didn't manage to get to the Troodos Mountains, which we had hoped, as simply too far with a 2 year old. Protaras area is quite nice - very purpose-built, but we found it a reasonable choice with a child. Fortunately we didn't fall ill, so can't comment on that.

MABS · 27/08/2002 11:09

Thanks everone - we're off to Cyprus tomorrow so I'll let you know afterwards if i'd recommend the hotel.

OP posts:
MABS · 08/09/2002 14:13

Well we're back now and I would thoroughly recommend the Malama Holiday Village if you've got children. Its not 5 star luxury - I'd say about 4 star but it was brilliant for the kids. Food was outstanding as was kids club.

OP posts:
Queenie · 09/09/2002 15:38

MABS, glad to hear you had a great time. We are thinking of Cyprus for next year (April/May) and think I'll suggest Malama Holiday Village to DH. We will have a 2.5 yo and a 6 mth old so a Kid's Club for the older one would be great.

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