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Has anyone had a holida in Hurghada Egypt??

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LipstickMum · 17/09/2004 19:41

We're thinking of a week in November before the Christmas madness. My partner wants to go Kitesurfing and I want to spend the day by the pool or beach reading chick lit and watching my dd play.
We'd like a hotel, all inclusive, fairly close to Hurghada itself, perhaps so we could walk there in the evening.
Just somewhere nice with good food and in a decent location will do! Anybody got any ideas??

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auntyquated · 17/09/2004 20:02

i aws going to start a thraed about egypt for new year. w e are really dithering about what to do/ where to go. so i'll watch this thread for any opinions on egypt


LipstickMum · 17/09/2004 20:08

I can't wait!

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auntyquated · 17/09/2004 20:09

this may need bumping on a weekday morning


XenaWP · 17/09/2004 20:13

me & dp went there in April for final pre-baby holiday, went to amazing but expensive hotel. booked via travel agent, but met people there who'd paid much less than us via Amex, I think. was called Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh & v v luxurious, quite a few people with kids, private beach with reef, can see it on internet.


LipstickMum · 17/09/2004 21:34

Thanks Xena, I think I have seen that one in a brochure, will go back and have a look. Aunty, either you or I must bump the thread next week!

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auntyquated · 17/09/2004 21:36

i'm usually around in the mornings so i'll try and remember


auntyquated · 18/09/2004 09:18

i found this LipstickMum
i am a complete wimp and these threads have put me off.

oh well back to the drawing board

scroll down as the top threads are about Egypt the poster


LipstickMum · 19/09/2004 17:36

Yes, some interesting threads, but I'm not put off - that much! To be honest, without wanting to sound like a complete xenophobe (!!), all we want is a week in the sun, in an all inclusive resort. If I don't have to leave resort, that's fine by me. For us, the aim of this holiday really is just to relax and enjoy sun and swimming, not to race around sight-seeing etc. We'll do that next time round!

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smellymelly · 19/09/2004 17:43

I would definitely recommend Egypt, but Hurgarda isn't that great as a place. It is ok if you stay in your resort, but the rest of the town seems a little rough and dirty.

I would go for a 5* deluxe - no question. They are very cheap compared to other destinations, and the service is superb.

I've been to El Gouna, and Taba, (went while I was pregnant, and got really looked after) both of which are fab. Sharm is a little touristy for us, but seems to have a lot of choice for hotels.


LipstickMum · 19/09/2004 21:43

Where did you stay while you were in El Gouna Melly?

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whymummy · 19/09/2004 21:51

we were there 7 years ago and no, i wasn't very impressed with hurghada,i loved egypt tho,we had a few days in cairo,then travelled by train to aswan,spent 3 nights on a feluca going from aswan to luxor,bus to hurghada,back to cairo and alexandria,it was a brilliant holiday


LipstickMum · 20/09/2004 09:12

Hmmmmmm The only reason we are going to Hurghada is so that dp can do a kitesurfing course. If Hurghada is not that nice, maybe I should book the nicest resort I can find and never leave the poolside

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