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Formula in Switzerland?

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mummytosteven · 16/09/2004 23:25

Anyone know if SMA Gold Cartons are available in Switzerland.


OP posts:
Tartegnin · 17/09/2004 11:26

I live in Switzerland, and I've never seen them, at least not in the Geneva/Lausanne area.

Papillon · 17/09/2004 11:30

pass ... will look in supermarket when there m2S and let you know what they do have

JJ · 17/09/2004 11:32

When are you coming and where are you going?

Just curious. Will take a look also for you around here.

mummytosteven · 17/09/2004 11:33

thanks very much for the replies. suspect if they are not in geneva then they won't be anywhere!

OP posts:
mummytosteven · 17/09/2004 11:34

Going tomorrow and coming back on Wednesday

flying Liverpool/Basel, then staying at the Movenpick Hotel in Berne. Hope to go to Thun, Lucerne and Interlaken/Wilderswil - my mum just wants "to see a chalet"(!)

OP posts:
Oooggs · 17/09/2004 15:10

We stayed in Basel in April and although they had the same baby milks. None of them were in the ready made carton varity. Hope you have more joy. It was a wonderful visit.

popsycal · 17/09/2004 15:12

me and freddiecat stayed near there over 10 years ago now....dear me!!!

but it was further up the mountain from interlaken......up the cable car in a tiny little village called gimmelwald near murren
true 'heidi' country!!

popsycal · 17/09/2004 15:13

wow - i just found it here

LIZS · 17/09/2004 20:30

Sorry never seen SMA here and they are only just getting into ready made cartons of baby milk - Nestle from a year, Milupa from 10 months and just seen Hipp from 10 months. Rest is in powder form but no SMA, Farleys etc. How old is ds, could you just carry some in luggage if it might be a problem to change.

Only just seen this - you may pass by pretty close to us but guess you are by-passing Zurich to go Basel-Bern. Weather forecast is dry , bit cloudy but some sun. It is quite cold in the mornings though. btw popsycal, we honeymooned in Muerren 14 years ago, long before we had the opportunity to live here - not many people have heard of it !

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