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Longleat , anyone been ?

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Yamamoto · 13/09/2004 21:29

Any tips...?

OP posts:
Juliehafrancis · 13/09/2004 21:41

Hi Yamamoto,
My parents, my daughter and I went a few weeks ago and we had a lovely time despite the awful weather.
My main tip is to take a picnic/or try the restaurant in the house or to stop off somewhere before hand as the restaurant in the main park is awful + really expensive!
Best to go when the weather is nice but of course with it being england you can't always control that!
Also take some anti-bacterial wipes with you as you get to feed the deer's on the safari.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

pollyanna · 13/09/2004 21:42

We went this summer (with a 5yo, 3yo and 1yo). You can buy a passport ticket which allows you to go back a few times - there are too many attractions to do it all in one day. My children really enjoyed it, but it is better in good weather. Apart from the safari park and the house there are lots of other attractions like an adventure playground, maze, train, boat (queue early for that), small animal zoo thingie, postman pat village etc. The food is pretty rubbish and expensive and if you're going lots of times I would take a picnic. How old are your children?

carla · 13/09/2004 21:45

Fab, fab, fab, fab ... just avoid the monkey bit. We went with chums and we BOTH had bits stolen from our car. Great fun for the girls, though. You'll love it ... try and watch Bambi before so they have some idea of the young reindeers. Enjoy!XX

kalex · 13/09/2004 21:46

Blatant hijack

Pollyanna. I sooooo love your name. everytime I see it, I think of someting I want to be glad about.

Please post on lots of threads coz u always make me happy

Sorry life in scotland, never been to longleat but seen it lots on telly (Ben Fogle YUM)

Will go if ever in England if that helps

carla · 13/09/2004 21:53

And their's isn't the worst restaurant in the world ... but take a picnic anyway

pollyanna · 13/09/2004 21:53

ooh thanks Kalex - of course I have that effect in RL too!

Carla, my children loved the monkey bit, but I agree, we did get our aerial bitten to shreds.

Yamamoto · 13/09/2004 22:03

Very impressive response..
Children are 7, 5 and 2.
We are going on 25th October, which is going to be a glorious day...
Have booked into Wooley Grange for 2 nights (with help from building soc)
So, apart from the food and the monkey bit, it should all fall into (or out of) place.
Kalex, will pass on your regards to Ben...

OP posts:
tinyganghq · 13/09/2004 22:48

We went a few years ago and it is a good day out.

Please DO NOT take your car into the monkey bit though! We did, to amuse little dd. Yep, she was amused all right at daddy's diatribe about the monkeys as they took huge monkey sized bites out of the back spoiler trim on the car.

We were given this tape to play in the car which explains what you are viewing as you drive round the safari park. DD used to like listening to it regularly when we got home; quite a bizarre thing to listen to when you're not actually there anymore!

tamum · 14/09/2004 14:26

You could do what we did and get Woolley Grange to make you up a picnic hamper (courtesy of your bank). It was fantastic!

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