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Anyone been to San Miguel Hotel & Beach Club in Ibiza?

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Kanesmum · 10/08/2002 19:24

we are going here at the end of August for 2 weeks and are stopping in the Beach Club. It is with Thomsons Super Family so I know it should be pretty good. I was just wondering if anyone knew what the rooms were like. DS will be 15 mths and will only sleep if the room is completely black-out. At home I use the black-out material and was debating whether or not to take it with me or will the curtains be dark enough. Any comments would be appreciated. Thx

OP posts:
Rhiannon · 10/08/2002 21:32

If he's really that bad, take them with you or you may have a miserable holiday. R

bee · 11/08/2002 08:55

I always take extra thick beach towels and just pin them up at the window with nappy pins. Agree with Rhiannon, take something and avoid the stress. Have a great time!

MABS · 12/08/2002 12:27

have you looked at the website 'holiday truths' might help

Kanesmum · 18/08/2002 17:45

mabs, have looked at this website but it doesn't really go into that much detail. I think I will pack the black-out. it's not going to tak up much room. Can't wait to go now. Thx

OP posts:
rosehip · 18/08/2002 19:56

Web site realholidayreports and holidaysuncovered might help too. Enjoy! For future ref a good family hotel is the San Valentin Hotel in Menorica (Son Bou) VG facilities, v clean etc...

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