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Stage 2 car seats - any recommendations?

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Marina · 08/08/2002 19:38

We are thinking ahead to the time when ds outgrows his Britax Renaissance and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a good, safe stage 2 seat. We are quite safety conscious (tr. = worrywarts) and want something more robust than a booster and seat-belt placer, especially to protect against side impact, anc certainly while he is still quite young.
There is a Concord one (Lift Pro) that looks the sort of thing we want - does anyone use one of these, or rejected it for a better model? All comments appreciated!

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PamT · 08/08/2002 20:55

It isn't something that I've had to look for recently because I'm still using the Klippan recliner that I bought for DS1. The one thing that I would really like now but haven't got is a one touch strap adjuster, all four straps have to be adjusted separately on mine which is a real pain. The strap cushions tend to come off really easily too and I used to notice one or two on pavements near parked cars, so I'm not the only one who has suffered that. BTW we never use the recline position on our seat, so I don't think it is absolutely necessary. You must go for a removable/washable cover because accidents DO happen.

I would also recommend that you go to somewhere like Mothercare World and get the staff to fit your chosen seat in the car for you because not all seats suit all cars. I bought and returned a Britax seat because it didn't seem to fit very well in our Astra, but it turned out that I hadn't really put it in properly and needed an expert to show me how to do it (you were supposed to put your knee into the seat to put as much weight in as possible when tightening the seat belt to get a tight grip - but it doesn't tell you that in the instructions).

Sorry, loads of waffle but no proper recommendation - at least my tips might help you to think about points to consider when looking.

sb34 · 08/08/2002 23:23

Message withdrawn

emilys · 09/08/2002 09:54

i can highly recommend the britax 2nd stage car seat (don't know the model name i'm afraid) - but it has a lever on the side whch once you have fitted the seat into place by using the belt you pull the side lever and it locks it in to place. It feels v. v. secure - it's the only seat i know that doesn't wobble around - but i think they are quite expensive £80-ish. We thought it was brill, unfotunately some little b***d stole our car from outside our house so we had to get a cheaper seat (as a temp measure) again (don't know the model- sorry) but it's the one with a plastic red clipper on the side - and basically that's all that holds it in place so it wobbles everywhere - i get cross with it every time i put ds in - it was from macros approx. £30 and i often think it may do more harm than good.....

Barca · 09/08/2002 12:16

We have the Maxi Cosi Priori and I think its great. One pull adjustment (it has its own straps because I did not want to rely on the car seatbelt).

It is also easy to fit and take out. I took a different make back previously because after half an hour my dad and I were still not convinced it was fitted correctly.

It seems to be readily available, certainly at Mothercare and Toys R Us. The downside is it is quite expensive (about £90 from memory)

JayTree · 09/08/2002 14:02

like emilys, I can totally recommend the Brittax 2nd stage. Can?t remember the make either and it is tipping down so am too lazy to go out and check (sorry). It is a charcoal and light silvery grey colour, bought 6 months ago from Mothercare. It is really really good - 5 reclining positions that are easy to adjust just from leaning over from the front seat into the back - without disturbing the sleeping dd. It is easy to clean, doesnt woblly around and also very easy to fit. We often swap between my car and granparents car and takes only seconds. Have used a friends Maxi Cosi and personally found it not a patch on the Brittax.

My advice is to go into somewhere like Mothercare, test them all out for your own set of priorities and then order over the internet. You can save so much cash and dont have to lug it home. We often use and can thoroughly recommend it - often a lot cheaper than the shops and fast reliable service (2-3 days on average) saved £30 on our buggy (Maclaren Techno), £25 on out travel cot etc. etc, and no, I don?t work for them I am just an avid internet shopper
Good Luck - now is a good time with all those sales on....

leese · 09/08/2002 18:52

Marina - like barca, have just invested in a Maxi Cosi, which is brilliant (I got it after I saw it came out tops in the Mumsnet product review). Easy to fit, and very stable. Also very easy to do the straps up - a godsend with a wriggling child!
Like Jaytree, often buy from, as they're usually cheaper - Maxi Cosi on there is £79 at the moment, but managed to get mine from John Lewis last week for £69.00 (on offer) - not sure if they have the same offers on their internet site.

bayleaf · 09/08/2002 20:19

It sounds like the Britax model is the Eclipse - I have it too - the one thing I felt it had over the Maxi cosi was that the Britax cover was machine washable and not the MaxiCosi.

JayTree · 09/08/2002 21:22

Yep, have checked my model and it is an eclipse - has been in the wash several times and looks like new - despite dd?s best efforts!

Marina · 11/08/2002 20:02

Thanks all, much appreciated! Have made a note of the names of the Eclipse and the Maxi Cosi Rodi as they seem to have most devotees.

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