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Anyone been to Kaanapali in Maui?

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LucheroTena · 20/01/2019 18:54

Going to California and plan flight over to Maui.

Last time we went was DH and me and we stayed in Wailea which was lovely but quite couple-y. This time we have DD (13), is Kaanapali area better for older kids?


OP posts:
twingygirl · 21/01/2019 22:23

They are both good for kids. We've stayed at both Wailea and Kaanapali and never found one more "couple-y" than the other. Might have just been the time/hotel you stayed? Kaanapali is great because Black Rock is right there, and you can snorkel with giant sea turtles and other amazing wildlife right off the beach. Wailea's beaches are fabulous too, and there are quite a few restaurant and shopping options you can get to without getting in the car. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

HappySpade · 21/01/2019 23:54

I was at the Whaler in August and have been going for years. My DCs are 5 and 9. Some hotels have very fun pools (the Whaler isn't one of them). We do enjoy the slow pace of Kaanapali. Having Whaler's Village next door to our hotel is handy. There's no food shopping close by, other than the ABC store, so you would have to go into Lahaina, if you have self catering. There is easy transit from Kaanapali into Lahaina (like $1 per person each way and running relatively frequently). You could book a surfing lesson on Kaanapali beach for DD. There are shuttle buses from the airport to Kaanapali (maybe $20-30/person/each way) or a taxi (maybe $80 each way). If you rent a car, you pay for parking everywhere.

MaryTeenOfScots · 21/01/2019 23:59

This may not be much help as it was years ago, but my family went to Kanaapali when we were younger. The hotel we stayed at had lots of activities for families/children and we really enjoyed our time there. As I said this was quite a while ago but I don't think it would have changed too much?

MaryTeenOfScots · 22/01/2019 00:01

*Kaanapali sorry 😬

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