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Just been on holiday - now I really need one

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PamT · 05/08/2002 22:45

I'm being very selfish and self centred now but I had to start this thread.

I've just spent a wet week in a 15' caravan with DH and 3 kids. I can't sleep in the uncomfortable bed, I hate cooking on the little gas hob, I miss my dishwasher and the rain spoilt most of our week. To top it all I had horrendous PMT for most of the week! Perhaps I'm just a misery guts but it was no holiday for me and I couldn't wait to get home.

Oxocube, you asked about the car on another thread, we got it fixed 36 hours before we were due to go (last Sunday) and it seems to have behaved itself whilst we were away. We also got an extra year's warranty and a free (major) service out of the garage so we are keeping our fingers crossed that everything will be ok from now on.

Bozza, I hope you had better weather in Whitby that we did, though I think you suffered worse with the floods in W Yorks last week than the coastal areas. I've just seen last week's Examiner with the story about the woman who was swept away by floodwater. I did warn you that the weather would be bad whilst we were away - it always is.

I've got DH at home under my feet now for the rest of this week before he goes back to work next Monday. This will severely restrict my Mumsnetting.

OP posts:

JayTee · 05/08/2002 23:32

Sorry to hear that you have had a lousy time - hope you can make the best use of DH while he is around - perhaps a little trip to somewhere like Boots to stock up on pampering products and send of DH and 3 kids on a long day trip anywhere so you can have the whole house to yourself for a day of peace and quiet.. What about a deal? He has them for one day while you do what you want and then swap the next. Surely he would agree to that? After all, they are his kids too!

I took my childless and broody sister and her fiancee away with us - I got my break and she got to show off! I know it is little consolation for you, but perhaps think about teaming up with family or friends next year - that is if you are ever going to risk another holdya again - the more adults to share the workload can make it easier to cope.

Hope you can find a little bit of time to yourself to make up for the hassle... Good Luck


Bozza · 06/08/2002 12:54

Sorry to hear it was that bad PamT. I did think about you when I heard about floods in Pickering. And actually although West Yorks were quite badly affected where we live wasn't too bad. I think I got my dates mixed up because its next Monday we're off to Whitby.

We had a house martin nest on the side of our house and DH discovered it and the four chicks on the floor by the garage door. It had been loosened by all the rain. It was really upsetting.

Anyway - like JayTee says try and make the most of this week. Try and get your DH to take the kids out. A few local ideas:

The National Mining Museum
Royal Armouries
Harewood House gardens

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