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All inclusive family holidays with kids clubs!

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allthegirls · 24/08/2004 20:29

I am having real trouble trying to book next years summer holiday!

Dh, dd1 and dd2 and I hoping to holiday with friends of ours who have a ds and are due to have another ds in November. We are looking for an all inclusive holiday to somewhere warm. The only places we don't want to go are Lanzarote and Turkey but we don't mind anywhere alse! The problem we are having is trying to find a holiday that is all inclusive and has a creche and kids club aswell!

Does anyone have any ideas for us?

OP posts:
mckenzie · 24/08/2004 20:47

Sunsail and Mark Warner have what you're looking for but at quite a price. Have you checked to see if any of the Thomson Super Families are all inclusive?

Juliehafrancis · 24/08/2004 21:40

Have a look here

SoupDragon · 24/08/2004 21:51

St James Club in Antigua has a kids club from age 2 and can be all inclusive...

Skara · 24/08/2004 22:07

Mark Warner, for heavenly kids clubs and a lovely lie down on the beach for 2 weeks and a huge bar bill at the end of it . Oh hang on, you wanted all inclusive. Well, you don't actually need to carry cash if that helps . Food and accommodation are pretty bog standard but the childcare and sporty stuff are great (if you like doing energetic things when you could be reading and eating ice cream, which I don't )

Oh and best thing to do is hold your nerve and book last minute, esp if you can go at the end of the school holidays - we saved loads doing it that way.

valleygirl · 25/08/2004 11:17

i would say the caribbean is definitely one of the best options for an upmarket All Inclusive resort with creche space for infants. (can be quite humid in summer, though hurricane season doesn't officially happen until September onwards). A lot of hotels though only take kids from age 3 upwards, though if children are out of nappies earlier they'll probabaly take them
i guess it depends on your budget - All Inclusive in a good hotel with creche in Caribbean is not cheap.
hotels with guaranteed creche for infants in Caribbean are:
Almond Beach Villa and Sandy Lane, Barbados
Malliouhana, Anguilla
Little Dix Bay, BVI's

if you tell me the ages of your kids i can be more specific about the resorts which i send clients to all the time and have always had good feedback about.

If budget is a facor then Thomson Super Families have All Inclusive hotel (some, but not all) with infant creche in places like Menorca, Mallorca, Greece, etc.
Club Med is totally All Inclusive (not like Mark Warner or Sunsail) and some of the clubs are definitely less French orientated than others. hope this helps!

allthegirls · 25/08/2004 12:13

Thanks Everyone!!

Valley Girl the kids will be 7 months, 3,4 and 5 years old.
We would prefer to go to somewhere like Spain or Greece rather than the Caribbean due to the long flights

I had a look through the thomson Super family brochure but they only seem to do one all inclusive place and that doesn't have a creche!

Budget is a factor aswell!

OP posts:
valleygirl · 25/08/2004 16:53

try airtour's "family first" brochure. personally i don't know of particular hotel in the Med who will do All Inclusive AND have creche for an infant. other than Club Med as i said before, which will be cheaper than going to Caribbean as you can head to a cheaper country like Turkey or Greece.
if you compromise and do self catering then there are quite a few companies who offer child care for infants.
but you are wise to start thinking of booking this now.

fairydust · 26/08/2004 15:04

after searching loads these last couple of weeks with the help of tiredemma - the best all inclusive deal we've come across is the hotel marte/jupiter offered by airtours n first choice it's in majorca alcudia info only thing is there isn'ta creche and there doesn't seem to be many that offer allinclusove and creche

KateandtheGirls · 26/08/2004 15:08

I really loved Beaches in the Carribean, if you change your mind about the long flights!

allthegirls · 27/08/2004 08:43

Fairy dust, Just read your message! Waht a coincidence. We booked our holiday to the Hotel Marte yesterday!!!! I have actually stayed there before but not with kids so didn't know about the kids clubs.

Have you booked your holiday there?

I have also found this place it is a babysitting service that operates all over Majorca so if we want an evening out they come to the hotel and can look after all our kids! All the staff are NNEB qualified and speak English!

Heres to happy holidays!!!!!

OP posts:
fairydust · 27/08/2004 08:47

no not booked yet - it's taking dh ages to decided - when are you going??

teabag · 27/08/2004 09:14

Try the Cosmos All Inclusive brochure H10 Paradise Island, Lanzarote. We went and it was excellent. Food was great and the best thing of all is they are all one or two bedroom apartments. My sister took her children as did her friends and everyone has had a great time. ( the outdoor pool is a tad chilly mind :)

allthegirls · 27/08/2004 09:48

We are giong on the 15th June for 2 weeks! Long time to wait! Never mind we are off on this years holiday in 6 weeks time!

OP posts:
sponge · 27/08/2004 10:19

We've done sunsail 3 times and it is really good. Mainly because the childcare element is so brilliant and they will take babies which very few kids clubs will. You will save money by waiting for last minute offers but I would be a bit wary as the young (under 2) kids club places do get booked up over the summer.
Accommodation is fairly basic but OK and most resorts have the option to upgrade to a slightly better room which I would recommend. Food is OK, not great. I would choose a resort that's near a village a small town so you can walk in for a change of scene, cheap local taverna etc.

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