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Somewhere like Corfu?

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AngelsWithSilverWings · 05/09/2018 19:27

Went to Corfu ( Kalami) last year and absolutely loved it.

We are tempted to go back but I can't help feeling that we should explore other Islands.

Can anyone recommend an Island and a villa or apartment , preferably walking distance of a nice beach. We need three bedrooms but two would be ok if it was the right location.

We like nice restaurants, hiring boats , snorkelling and just being in the sea as much as possible. Somewhere relaxed and quiet would be perfect.

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sleepismysuperpower1 · 05/09/2018 20:06

What about Cyprus, somewhere near Coral Bay beach? seems to fit all you are looking for

user1486076969 · 05/09/2018 20:56

Watching with interest ......but not Cyprus.....(I'd be interested in any N Portugal suggestions)?

AngelsWithSilverWings · 05/09/2018 22:11

Thanks - went to Coral Bay at Easter. We didn't fall in love with Cyprus the way we did with Corfu.

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Scabetty · 05/09/2018 22:13


AngelsWithSilverWings · 06/09/2018 07:26

Skiathos looks promising. Is there a nice quiet area you would recommend?

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wherehavealltheflowersgone · 06/09/2018 07:30

Hi OP We like the same in holidays as you, also 3 bedrooms and we've just got back from a blissful time in Lassi in Kefalonia, staying at the Belvista Luxury Appartments. Now I'm going to look at Corfu for next year - where did you stay and would you recommend it?

robynadair · 06/09/2018 07:37

Samos is lovely, we stayed in Pythagorio this year and loved it. Our other favourite Greek island is Kefalonia. Both of them have lovely seaside fishing towns with harbours, they are both lovely places to explore. We always hire a Suzuki Jimmy for a few days and explore the mountain villages.

AngelsWithSilverWings · 06/09/2018 07:47

@wherehavealltheflowersgone ( great user name - that song reminds me of primary school assembly in the 70s)

We stayed in Kalami which is where The Durrell family lived for a while ( they lived in The White House)

We stayed at Villa Chrysoula which was up the hills above Kalami bay. Lovely villa but if we went again we would stay nearer the beach as the steep climb was a bit much. You can drive and park next to the beach if you get there early enough.

You can get water taxis in the evening to different bays to try out different restaurants. Toula's in Agni bay was our favourite. Nearest large resort is Kassiopi ( nice and not too busy but still busier than we would like)

We've been to Kefalonia and liked it but it was years ago so I wouldn't mind going back. I'll check out your recommendation. Thanks

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AngelsWithSilverWings · 06/09/2018 07:59

@robynadair Samos looks great - just spotted a lovely place with it's own private beach! And good value too Bliss 😍

@wherehavealltheflowersgone the Belvista apartments look like our kind of place!

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robynadair · 06/09/2018 08:47

@AngelsWithSilverWings It's lovely and I find it one of the cheaper, less touristy islands but still plenty to do and very friendly. We stayed at the Doryssa Family Seaside Resort this time. It's orientated to families so great for that and we don't have children and still thought it was fab. Stayed in various places and price ranges over the years on Samos and never had a bad experience. I think all Greek islands are fantastic though, so I'm sure you'll have a lovely time wherever you decide to go Smile

tierraJ · 07/09/2018 19:23

I went to Crete this year, it was lovely & relaxing good cheap food, beautiful beaches etc

AngelsWithSilverWings · 07/09/2018 20:06

Well I've been googling like mad and looking at flights etc and we've ended up booking Corfu again!

We wanted to be directly on a beach with boat hire and water sports available and a couple of tavernas close by.

Found a lovely beachfront apartment in Nissaki Bay that ticks all our boxes.

Thanks for all of the recommendations.

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