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Disney land Hell !!!!!!! Melsy back from nightmare !!!

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melsy · 20/08/2004 22:13

We returned late last night from our unfortunate trip , One of the worst trips ever!!!!! . We have been very very lucky with all my holidays in the past all running smoothly and to plan , but this was like getting all red lights on one journey , which was shame really as I was sssooooooooo looking forward to it. I should have smelt a rat when at Ashford only an hour into the holiday , they couldnt finsih the transaction of changing our virgin air mile tickets into eurostar boarding cards !! Then on the train once seated we found another family arrived with the same seat numbers on an already full train. suitcase was in 6 carriages away , buggy in another carriage and a thoroughly rude French train manager who made us feel it was our fault that the seat mix had happened. Not one of the disney "cast members" helped us move with the baby and all hand luggage to another seat. The meal in the hotel Mytravellers explorers that night was REVOLTING and at 20euros was disgusting pap. The next morning I then had my lovely lovely bag stolen with all its contents(inc my Citalopram), thankfully I had separated some packets into another bag for this exact event !! and spent the entire morning at the police station, to then find that they needed a translator from Disney , who had not been arranged, so we had wasted till lunch time in their reception for no reason at all. we then made our way back to the hotel to find that my mum had been having a screaming fit at the manager as they werent going to get anyone to come back to the police the next day as they were TO BUSY !! with my mums persistance and vitriol !! they then magicked someone to come with the next morning. They just didnt seem that interested , despite my feelings that I knew that they would strike again and low and behold 24hrs later they came back , this time my nanas bag was taken , but half the hotel were on alert, as some of them recognised the man from the day my bag went, so 2 brave guests took it apon them selves to chase them up to the reception and one receptionist snatched it back. Once the getaway car , another guest tried to smash the car window to stop them.

The story doesnt finish there ,but I can hardly stay awake to type the rest.

will check in when Im back in the land of awake

OP posts:
sallyme · 13/01/2005 12:34

Should of gone to the real Disney in Florida You will never be disapointed there.

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