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Not asking for much am I.........

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Jaxmum · 19/08/2004 14:54

Right I want to find my perfect holiday home in the South of England (for next summer). I want a big spacious property that sleeps 3 families (4 under 4's)and 2 elderly grandparents, child friendly in and out, large garden, play area and pool would be nice as well. Also not too far from the shops and beach. Does this exist?

OP posts:
pamina3 · 20/08/2004 13:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fio2 · 20/08/2004 13:08

Blakes Holiday Cottages Usually have some big uns!

Fio2 · 20/08/2004 13:11

here they are the big uns!

zubb · 20/08/2004 13:17

If Cornwall is an option you could try the self-catering pages here - trevigue

Ailsa · 20/08/2004 13:28

I tried to post this link last night, but the pc disconnected on me!

Daltons Holidays

Kittypickle · 20/08/2004 14:14

Helpful Holidays have a few.

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