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Maldives - Kuredo

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ghengis · 18/08/2004 09:31

Has anyone been to Kuredo and, if so, what did you think? We are planning a week away without the children (!) in October and this place has been recommended to us. I have seen their website but am looking for personal Mumsnetter experiences of either the Maldives or Kuredo. Many thanks.

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dejags · 18/08/2004 10:32


You lucky, lucky, lucky person!!! ..

We went to Meeru (different atoll closer to the airport) and had the most FANTASTIC time. I dream of going back one day. I have friends who have been to Kuredu and the only drawback they mentioned was that the transfer time is substantially longer than islands closer to Male (the capital of the maldives).

Suggestions would be - check the weather for that time of year - this part of the world has monsoon season.

Most of all have fun, enjoy the spectacular snorkelling, beaches and food.

CookieMonster · 18/08/2004 10:37

ghengis, I spent a week in the Maldives a long long time ago (part of a trip to Sri Lanka). In fact it was so long ago I can't remember the name of the island, but I do remember it was fantastic! I'd never snorkelled before and to learn it there was amazing, the beaches are fabulous (and very quiet) and it was just a very romantic place to be. Hope you have a great time

ghengis · 18/08/2004 12:59

Cheers both. I can't wait! Now I just have to shift the odd stone or two

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TurnAgainCat · 18/08/2004 13:00

ghengis, really hate to be miserable, but just wondered if you were aware of this
which is a summary of Tourism Concern's campaign to inform tourists about the dictatorship and poverty in the Maldives, and the way in which tourism is harming local children, eg 30% of under-5s suffering from malnutrition because the fruit and veg is being sent to the tourist resorts. If these issues concern you, I hope you can find another holiday that attracts you, as the world is full of lovely places, and hope you have a lovely holiday together.

ghengis · 18/08/2004 13:03

Oh bugger! Thanks TurnAgainCat - food for thought indeed

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soapbox · 18/08/2004 13:14

Ghengis - have you considered Mauritius - given turnagaincats comments? Lovely there in October and very romantic!

lou33 · 18/08/2004 13:31

I went to the MAldives in 1991 with my now dh, and it was fantastic. We hired a boat and grew of 3 to sail us about for 5 days, visiting various islands, and the crew catching our food and cooking it for us, then we spent another 5 days on an island lounging about (they swept the beach every day!). It's beautiful there, have a lovely time.

dejags · 20/08/2004 13:24


Tried to contact you via contact another talker but the mumsnet team tell me you have opted not to be contacted. Have some interesting bits and pieces about the maldives - if you are interested change your profile and I'll send you an email.


lou33 · 20/08/2004 13:25

I learned to swim out there

pamina3 · 20/08/2004 13:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gingerbear · 20/08/2004 21:46

I stayed in Fesdu and Kuramathi, both fabulous islands. Fesdu had only one hotel. Kuramathi 4 hotels. I think Kuredu is a larger island with 2 or 3 hotels, and from diving pals who have been there it is more of a singles/ younger island and definitely dive orientated.

Turnagaincat, I did not realise that the Maldives were like this. I thought that tourism helped the economy and stopped poverty by providing employment for local people.

I went there 5 years ago, and your web link has really made me think.

Gingerbear · 20/08/2004 21:47

...about visiting again (if ever we got the chance.)

tillybop · 22/08/2004 22:01

hi we are off to kuredo next aug.Its our first trip without kids for 7 years.Has anyone else left their little ones for a holiday?was it ok? any regrets?

ghengis · 23/08/2004 16:31

No regrets Tillybop but it IS hard. On the other hand we all need time to ourselves and you come back bouncing with vim and vigour (for a few days anyway)!

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tillybop · 23/08/2004 20:42

to ghengis

we are expecting it to be hard especially as it is so far away and remote but feel and hope that it will be all worth it. the children are staying with grandparents so are in good hands but i am nervous already! i expect we will keep ourselves busy swimming eating etc!thanks for your message this time next year we will be there!

ghengis · 25/08/2004 14:12

We couldn't get booking in Kuredo so have booked Makunudu instead. Anyone been?

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ghengis · 25/08/2004 15:26


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Skate · 26/08/2004 22:16

I've been to Makunudu - it was 5 years ago for our honeymoon and it was fantastic (all inclusive too - not sure if you've got this). It's a tiny island and I think the transfer is about an hour by speedboat which is fabulous. You can walk round it in about 20 mins and there are lots of excursions (sea fishing, island BBQ, tour of islands by sea plane) and, of course, snorkelling and diving. Otherwise it's just a complete chill out place with lovely 'huts' and outdoor showers plus your own jetty or bit of beach. I dream of going back - maybe for our silver wedding. Expecting 3rd babe any day so it won't be a for a while

ghengis · 27/08/2004 15:18

Thanks Skate, that's good to know. Yes, we are all inclusive too - I cannot wait

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