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The Old Bell, Malmesbury, anyone been?

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WideWebWitch · 18/08/2004 06:52

Is it any good? What did you think? TIA!

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 18/08/2004 06:54

The website is v grotty so especially interested to know if the hotel is too!

OP posts:
sis · 18/08/2004 09:43

We went a bout two or three years ago - the staff were fantastic - very accepting of whatever request we had relating to our son the hotel is next to some gardens that were featured on gardners worls last year because of the eccentric owners who like to garden almost (or was it totally) naked. The gardens are lovely though and well worth a visit.

The hotel restaurant was very good but the general decor was what I would call shabby chic - very good quality - but of the comfy variety so didn't feel worried that our son was about to wreck the place!

whizzz · 18/08/2004 19:24

We went over Easter - must be 2 years ago now and it was WONDERFUL ! Agree with the comments that the decor is 'lived in' and the rooms aren't huge BUT - the staff are brilliant, the creche is great, the separate kids tea is excellent, no one minds if Coco Pops get dropped on the tablecloths at breakfast and the restaurant (for the grown ups!!) is totally scrummy. Looking for an excuse to go back soon !! I'd recommend it to anyone !

serenequeen · 18/08/2004 21:19


went last november. the staff were excellent and the atmosphere was very relaxing and especially welcoming to children.

otoh, i thought the decor was really showing a lot of wear and tear (not just shabby chic) and the evening meals in the restaurant were rather poor, e.g. risotto that could have been served in slices, leek and potato soup served as asparagus soup (pointed this out to waitress, she smiled and said, "oh is it?" and that was the end of that!!)

i probably wouldn't go back, tbh, but maybe we were just unlucky when we went, given other people's positive experiences.

let me know if you want more info.

serenequeen · 18/08/2004 21:20

also, staffing problems in the creche... it looked untidy and run down.

whizzz · 18/08/2004 21:22

I hope its not going downhill. It really was blissful when we were there

tamum · 18/08/2004 21:24

The LFH group (Fowey, Woolley Grange et al) sold it a few years ago because they felt they had taken it as far as they could; it would be interesting to know if that coincided with it going downhill, maybe?

WideWebWitch · 19/08/2004 08:00

Thanks everyone, really useful to know. Sq, I thought it didn't look great, won't go there. It's for a special occasion so I want somewhere much nicer! Thanks.

OP posts:
frogs · 19/08/2004 08:22

Woolley Grange is not that far away, and is lovely.

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