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How big can your hand luggage bag be?

10 replies

tammybear · 16/08/2004 20:40

Does anyone know, or does it not matter?

OP posts:

lou33 · 16/08/2004 20:45

This has a guide size under the heading, "What not to PAck". Hth.


xoz · 16/08/2004 20:47

It depends on who you're flying with I think. I know Easyjet and Ryanair have recently brought in "unlimited" cabin baggage to reduce their handling costs, although I can't really see how this would work in practice!!!


Gingerbear · 17/08/2004 06:17

lou, just read your Heathrow airport link.

Bugger, that means I will have to put the Magnetron and the organic perroxide in the suitcase now!


Gingerbear · 17/08/2004 06:19

oh no I can;t take them with me at all


roisin · 17/08/2004 08:09

Easyjet's cabin baggage is not unrestricted, but it is bigger now. It's 55x40x20cm - see here


Ghosty · 17/08/2004 08:35

I thought it went on weight ...
We have always been told that it should not weigh more than 7kg as it would be a safety hazard if it fell out of an overhead locker and clonked someone on the head!
The last time we went longhaul I had a bag that was over 7kgs and the check in lady let us go through but told us to get a couple of duty free bags and transfer some stuff into them ...


CountessDracula · 17/08/2004 09:35

It also depends a bit when you are flying - if you go on a business flight eg the 7am to Paris, they are much more lenient as there are lots of business types with their laptops + a bag, I have taken way over the odds on some of these flights as hand baggage and no-one bats an eyelid.

On holiday flights they seem much more stringent. We went with Ryanair the other week, they have a measly 15kg allowance in the hold (with no allowance for babes on laps!) but 10kg each as hand luggage. I just packed accordingly and it was fine. On the way back they are much less stringent and I just bunged everything in the hold.


tammybear · 17/08/2004 10:46

we're flying at 8:20pm and coming back at 1:10am and flying by Kosmar. I have a bag that's 30x32x11.5cm, that Im going to use.

Thanks for the link that was really useful lou33

OP posts:

lou33 · 17/08/2004 12:58

Gingerbear, ikwym, I am going to be lost without all that when I go away .

The last few times I went away, the hand luggage has be subject to size and weight restriction .


fuzzywuzzy · 17/08/2004 13:14

I've always found the hand luggage restriction a bit redundant. Once they weigh everything and let you go in you can theoretically buy out the entire duty free and take it on as hand luggage without anyone saying anything.....

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