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Milk in Malaysia

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csa · 16/08/2004 13:06

we are going on holiday to Malaysia at the end of the month with our 2.5 yr old ds. he still drinks milk first thing in the morning and before he goes to bed. does anyone know if you can get fresh milk in malaysia, or should we pack formula milk? any recommendations on what's good for a 2.5 yr old?

OP posts:
bran · 16/08/2004 13:37

Yes, you can get fresh milk easily in supermarkets in Malaysia, but if you're in an area where you're not close to a supermarket it may be more difficult as corner shops tend not to have milk. Also, I find the milk there tastes different so your ds may not like it, I think it's homogonised or something, and if you don't have a fridge it will turn very quickly as it's so hot out there. So perhaps you should take enough formula to get you through as you know that he likes it.

Hope you have a great time there. We're going out in October for my MIL's 70th birthday, the heat and humidity makes me feel knackered all the time, but the food is great and the people are nice.

hazlinh · 17/08/2004 02:36

yup, same thing as bran. we have fresh milk here in Malaysia but it tastes awful IMO!

u could also get a small tin of formula here,to save some space in your luggage, and there's lots to choose from, the variety is almost bewildering!!

my 2 year old nephew takes pediasure.

and the food IS FANTASTIC!!

csa · 17/08/2004 08:56

thanks. will go try and find the smallest tin on sale to squeeze that into the luggage!

OP posts:
Pam70 · 17/08/2004 11:23

Took DS (then aged 2.5yrs) to M'sia in Feb this year. He's been going annually since he was 7 months to visit his grandparents (my parents).

Offered him fresh milk from the local supermarket this year - he took it fine. The fresh milk was from the chiller section of the supermarket but the use by dates were longer than what you would get in the UK so might be something to do with that homogenisation thing that Bran was talking about?)

They do SMA in Malaysia if you need formula and you can get this in the bigger supermarkets (Tesco's has started opening stores in Malaysia), Guardian Pharmacies (like Boots) and local Chinese medicine shops.

Malaysians are great with kids - they make a real fuss of them and thre's no tut-tutting if you decide to keep your child up late and you can pretty much take your child everywhere.

If you have a blonde child, be prepared for lots of people to come up and pet your child. Have fun!

hazlinh · 18/08/2004 03:26

yup, that's right. we have SMA and Aptamil here in Malaysia (along with a whole bunch of varieties from NESTLE!!!! but we won't go there)
but we don't get Cow & Gate or Farley's.It might be cheaper to buy here in Malaysia actually.

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