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Traveller cheques or euros?

9 replies

tammybear · 16/08/2004 12:59

What would be better to get for a week's holiday?

OP posts:

hana · 16/08/2004 13:02

I would get the euros - my sister and her dh recently visited us from Canada and they had a hard time getting their tc cashed in France....


allthegirls · 16/08/2004 13:04

I always take money with me but I suppose it depends on where your staying. Most hotels have security deposit boxes. Where are you staying?


tammybear · 16/08/2004 13:09

in an apartment

OP posts:

allthegirls · 16/08/2004 13:11

I would be cautious about taking a lot of money then. presumably it won't have a safety deposit box? Could you not take a bank card with you? They work anywhere these days!


tammybear · 16/08/2004 13:15

I was thinking of taking my credit card anyway, I was planning to take about £150 worth in cash as its self catering, but werent sure which is better to get

OP posts:

allthegirls · 16/08/2004 13:18

Personally for that amount I would take the risk and just take the cash!! It is easy and hassle free!


KateandtheGirls · 16/08/2004 13:48

Completely not worth the hassle of traveler's checks. Take some cash, and then you can use your credit card or get money from an ATM if you need more.

I've been traveling back and forth from the US to the UK for years and haven't used traveler's checks. I don't see the point.


Tinker · 16/08/2004 13:50

Agree. Take a bit of cash to get you through the first few days and then just use your bank card as you do here.


SenoraPostrophe · 16/08/2004 13:58

If your budget is E150 I'd take the whole lot in cash - bank cards have a minimum charge so I always draw out 100-150 at a time anyway.

Just don't keep it all together.

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