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Florida's hurrican charley

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lars · 13/08/2004 15:08

I'm a bit worried about the hurricane in florida.
Due to go next week and worried about the disruption this might caused as the hotel is on the beach front. Maybe i'm worrying over nothing as it is the first time i've been. Any experience or advice? larsxx

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KateandtheGirls · 13/08/2004 15:11

Where in Florida are you going lars?

lars · 13/08/2004 15:14

Clearwater and Orlando ( disney )

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KateandtheGirls · 13/08/2004 15:18

Well Clearwater is right in the path of the storm. (It's west of Tampa where I am.) So you're right to be concerned. If it really is as devastating as they're predicting, they might not be recovered by next week. Orlando should be fine.

lars · 13/08/2004 15:26

How long do they usually take to recover from a hurricane ? I suppose I will have to ring the travel agents nearer the time to find out and if the hotel is ok. larsxx

OP posts:
KateandtheGirls · 13/08/2004 15:29

Definitely check with your travel agent once the storm is done.

I have no idea how long they would take to recover, I'm afraid. The last storm of this size to hit this area was 1921. If there's serious damage then I guess it could take months for things to get back to normal. The question is how soon would the hotel be able to start operating again?

lars · 13/08/2004 15:34

Thanks for that, I do hope everyone is ok and the storm doesn't do too much damage. I will call the travel agent nearer the time. larsxx

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tammybear · 13/08/2004 15:35

you should definetly check with your travel agents, hopefully where you're going wont be affected. i went to florida not long after sept 11, and there were warnings of suicide bombers heading our way on the news, that was horrible

KateandtheGirls · 13/08/2004 17:37

Um, Tammy. I'm trying to understand your analogy. Not exactly the same thing.

The storm IS coming. It's a question of how bad it will be.

tammybear · 13/08/2004 17:55

i think i was just thinking out loud as it upset our holiday too, just ignore me

Blu · 13/08/2004 17:57

Are you in it's path KATG? It must be terrifying knowing it's approaching.

JanH · 13/08/2004 18:06

Kate, have you any news on where it is and where it's headed? I keep looking at but Tampa isn't on the bit of map it shows.

JanH · 13/08/2004 18:28

Pls keep posting if you can, Kate, so we know you're OK!

(I realise your power might go off though so will try not to panic. )

KateandtheGirls · 14/08/2004 14:18

Lars, no need to worry. The storm missed Clearwater.

lars · 14/08/2004 19:04

katieandthegirls, how are you?
what a hurricane! Ive been glued to Sky news and the american channels to hear the update on hurricane charley. So my hotel is still standing!
I do feel really upset with the loss of life and the damage the hurricane done. larsxx

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