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Holiday first-aid kit – what should be in it?

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Frieda · 13/08/2004 09:08

Just getting together things for our hols (camping in France) next week. We have a first-aid kit, but it's rather old and a bit depleted ? the usual suspects are still there ? scissors, tweezers, bandages, plasters, savlon.... I just wondered if any of you wise ladies had any advice as to what else we ought to have?

Many thanks in advance

OP posts:
Twinkie · 13/08/2004 09:10

Anthisan for those horrid bites!!

mrsflowerpot · 13/08/2004 09:11

stuff for insect bites. There's a witchhazel gel that we take for mossie bites which is excellent. I always take rehydration powders (dioralyte type) and cystitis powders as I have a 'tendency' when I get overheated.

hmb · 13/08/2004 09:19

We have just come back from a caravaning holiday in France. Echo the anti- bite stuff, also get some insect repellant to use to stop the little buggers from biting in the first place. Wasps were bad this year. Also lots and lots of plasters! We had a lot of cuts and scrapes this year. Don't forget the calpol for the kids and ibuprofen for the Adult hangovers!

Enjoy, we had a great time.

Oh and imodium in case anyone gets struck down with the trots just before you are due to return home! This happened to me once and it was not fun!

SofiaAmes · 14/08/2004 01:57

I also bring cough medicine (tixylyx) as my children seem to have a knack for getting colds with coughs when we are on holiday. It saves wading through all the local brands trying to figure out which one will work.

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