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My Hols

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Twinkie · 11/08/2004 10:11

Hi all - thought I would write and tell you all about my lovely hols.

First week was great in Ravello, got there without too much hassle - DD loved the plane journey and didn't seem to mind waking up at 4am to go to the airport - only tricky part was lugging all the cases to the hire car bit at Naples airport but we got there in the end - driving was crap too - Italian drivers are the worst I believe - over the mountains and they were overtaking around blind corners with huge drops to either side of the road and driving right up our arse (we were crawling along but mainly doe to the fact that were scared someone was going to turn the corner and wipe us out at any time!!)

Apartment was lovely, very very clean and perfcet for the 4 of us - even the bathroom was really plush and well laid out for a family and a fat woman!!

Towns people were lovely - DD made loads of friends who all gave her presents when we left and learnt some italian and the festival that we saw for the patron saint of the town was spectacular.

Ohter people staying in the apartments that shared our pool were total snobs and used to hog the loungers if they could (regardless if they were using them or not) so we had the rideculous battle of being up before them to put our towels down (hehehehehe) - they also had to use the shared terrace (we had a private one) for their entertaining and used to sit drinking and swearing till rather late at night which sent medoolaly on a couple of occassions - one lady was ok but the others ignored DD when she tried to speak to them too which I found disgusting - so DD was prompted to scream and shout and enjoy herself as much as poss if they were trying to have a nice leisurly sunbathe - the bastards got their comeuppance in the end. Then they left and a lovely couple came - they even gave DD 10 euros for the rest of her hols and helped us with our stuff to the car and everything.

Next bit THE WEDDING was ok - the hotel was crap though - owner was like FKNG liberace and had about a dozen dogs who hung around everywhere making the place stink - the waft of Eau do Chien hit ou as you came down the stairs each morning!! And they had such a limited supply of everything it seemed - only gassy water and no diet coke which I found myself to be craving whilst we were there. Said we couldn;t use the pool the first day that we got there cause they had another wedding going on and believe me the bride must have been Nadia's twin sister - I have never seen such a frightening site - it was soo tacky too - all the dresses and the grosse bride pouting porn start like over the bonnet of this shite car - did make me chuckle though!! The actual wedding we went to was ok - had to drive to another town for the ceremony though and that was a bit of a nightmare as DD had travel sickness and wouldn't stop bloody talking the whole journey - service was mainly in Italian but wasn;t as long as I thought it would be, all the waiting for the picturs and pomp and circumstance was a nightmare in such hot temps though half way up a bloody mountain!!

Reception was ok - dragged though 14 course over 7 hours and most of it I couldn't eat!! DD really enjoyed herself though except she fell in love with a little boy who had another admirer who thumped her (DD) in the face - my babies first love spat!! Spent most of the day her and her cute little boyfriend dancing together and running around holding hands and kissing!! And everyone liked my dress - Hoorah!!

DPs frineds wife wasn't too bad - the odd snidy comment but much better than I thought she would be to be honest which was a relief.

Last part of hols was good although terribly weird - went to a little place and rented an apartment right near the beach - everyone was far too friendly - DP loved and and thought it was really nice - I expected the owner to try and get us to join his bloody happy cult or come and knock on the door and ask us to swap partners at some point - it was crazy!! Everyone wanted to be your best pal and people had been going there for ages some of the the past 30 years!! Maybe I am just a miserable cow but last thing I wanted was to have to speak to every bloody person I walked past or sat next to on the beach - especially when we were the only english family there!!

Mind you all in all was great - DD enjoyed herself and thought the travelling was a huge laugh, DP managed to get therough 2 weeks of DD and her imaginary animlas and friends and I managed to get a tan and have a bit of a rest.

There we go -= hope I haven't bored anyone at all - biggest regret watching big brother for so long and then missing the last 2 weeks - what a saddo!!

Roll on end of the month when DP and I are off to Spain for a week of just us and relaxation!!

Caio XXX

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Hulababy · 11/08/2004 10:16

What a hectic 2 weeks! Glad you all manged to enjoy yourself though. Your DD and her little bf sound very cute

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