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Tenerife - Bahia del Duque versus Hotel Botanico

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rubyone · 10/08/2004 23:30

Has anyone been to the Bahia del Duque or the Hotel Botanico in Tenerife? I've heard good and bad reports on the former including that it is great for kids but is noisy and in a hideous area of development. Are there any other hotels in the south which are as good or better?

The Botanico seems good but the weather in Jan up in the North of the island is rubbish, right?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

OP posts:
tiredemma · 11/08/2004 19:37

north of tenerife is generally very overcast in jan, the botanico is also no way on a par with the bahia de duque. you wouldnt be affected by any development around that hotel, although that area of playa de las americas is the newer end, the bahia del duque is more or less a "resort within a resort" totally private and without a doubt the best hotel on the south of the island.
another off putting thing about the north is the sea, its ok if your a surfer but not if you want a paddle about!

Petall · 11/08/2004 19:53

I've stayed at Hotel Botanico and it was wonderful. Really lovely hotel and staff were very attentive. Only one family with children there when we were there, so not much for them to do. I really liked the north of the island as it wasn't full of Brits abroad!
Handy for Loro Parque!

lucysmum · 11/08/2004 20:08

Bahia del Duque is beautiful if very big - looks like a fairytale village. Quite difficult to get around with a buggy as it is on lots of hills. Fantastic babysitters. A selection of restaurants which means you don't have to eat at the same place every night - need to check which are open in Jan. Kids club not great. Area around fine for a walk with the buggy along the see front but otherwise a bit of a concrete jungle. We've been twice in November and had a great time. No experience of the other ones

rubyone · 12/08/2004 17:11

Thanks for that. Can I ask Petall at what time of year you stayed at the Botanico - was it during winter and was the weather very disappointing? And were there locks on the windows to the balconies? I'm a bit worried about my toddler getting out onto it and throwing himself off!

And tiredemma and lucysmum, why is the botanico in no way on a par with bahia del duque? And so far as the south of the island - are there any hotels to compete with Bahia del Duque? I'm rather put off by its huge size.


OP posts:
lucysmum · 12/08/2004 17:13

Haven't been to Botanico - may be as good as Bahia del Duque. BDD is huge but has a villagey feel to it and lots of room to walk, sit etc and service is fab. It has always been very quite when we went (November).

tiredemma · 13/08/2004 15:37

i suppose i found the BDD to be more "grander and luxurious" i suppose because of its size and because its not as old as the botanico so the furnishings etc were not as dated.
whenever i have gone to the north of the island (even in july / aug) i have found it more overcast than the south and the sea is really rough.
if you feel that the BDD is too large then other hotels you may want to consider would be
1 the iberostar grand anthelia
2. the gran tacande
3. the jardines de nivara
4. costa adeje gran
5. H10 hotel costa adeje palace.
these are all in the same end of the resort as the BDD but are not as large.
as lucysmum says though, the BDD is large but as its set in different buildings and has a villagy type atmosphere to it, it doesnt seem that imposing.

milliesmama · 13/08/2004 15:56

I have just been to the travel agents to book BDD and changed my mind as there is ALOT of building work going on at the hotel at the moment (building villas with pools in the grounds etc). Don't know how long it will last of course...

rubyone · 13/08/2004 17:48

That's what I'm worried about - there's nothing like building work to ruin your holiday. Where else will you go, do you think? I'll probably try the Botanico for a week but have to stay in the South for the second week as the return flight is very early so don't want the hour and half transfer to the airport from the north.

Thanks for the recommendations on other hotels. I shall look them up.

OP posts:
Tartegnin · 01/09/2004 16:31

Could I bump this and ask for more details, especially about Bahia del Duque, which we just booked for September. Any tips would be appreciated, as would any comments or suggestions about excursions. DH is quite keen on visiting the volcano (!?)

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