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Somewhere to go during October half term with a 2 year old and 5 month bump!

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popsycal · 10/08/2004 20:31

any ideas?
Don't want somewhere too far away. Don't want 'enlgish summer weather' either.....

Where might be nice?

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popsycal · 10/08/2004 20:31

thinking abroad...

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SueW · 10/08/2004 21:57

What kind of weather do you want? Hot and sunny? How far do you want to fly?

Years ago I went with friends to the Canaries in November and it was lovely (back in the days when the object of a holiday was to toast in sun all day and party all night) so should be nice in Oct.

Alternatively somewhere like Dubai will be getting more reasonable temp-wise then. 7 hour flight though.

Hulababy · 10/08/2004 22:06

We are staying in a French cottage near the Somme at half term. We have gone through Welcome Cottages and it is great value - less than £350 for the week including ferry for 1 car and passengers. Mind you Dover would be a long drive for you I guess!

lillymoo · 10/08/2004 23:01

my sil always go to alcudia in majorca in october and they have reasonable weather and only a 2 1/2 hr flight.

popsycal · 11/08/2004 14:01

WOULD LIKE SOMEWHERE WARM - but doesn't have to be sun bathing weather....

Hula - does that company do flights???

OP posts:
valleygirl · 11/08/2004 16:38

how about crete which has good weather throughout october generally - the south coast is more protested than the north.
cyprus also has a longer season, as does turkey where the charte flight go to all through October.
otherwise canaries will be a safe bet, though more expensive probabaly and maybe availability in nicer places will be harder to get.
those are the 4 place short haul i recommend clients go to in october half term.

21stcenturygirl · 11/08/2004 16:49

Went to Portugal last Oct half term and had lovely weather - just right not too hot. Short flight as well. Cost us £549 2 adults 2 kids - last minute job.

Demented · 11/08/2004 18:00

We usually go away in October. The Greek islands are still nice but usually closing down for the season (lots of shops/restaurants shut), the weather is a bit more unpredicatable but still nice. Majorca is nice in October, I would say a little cooler than the Greek islands but still nice. This year we are going to Fuerteventura but as valleygirl says it works out a bit more expensive than our usual October holiday does.

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