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sheraton algarve, pine cliffs

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cedar · 15/07/2002 12:43

Has anyone been? And if yes - what did you think?
Feedback please.

OP posts:
robbie · 16/07/2002 11:07

I've been and it was jolly nice. Great facilities - lovely accomodation, pools, beach (though it's a bit of a trek with babies/ toddlers even though there is a lift), kids' playground and restaurant. My only complaint was that it's a bit "international" - didn't feel like Portugal - really might have been anywhere in Cont Europe (not UK cos weather was good). But then again, with kids, maybe you have to forgo the authentic experience for a while and just try and have a rest - this is a very good place for that.

cedar · 16/07/2002 17:14

Thanks robbie. Did you stay in the golf apartments?

Seems there is another thread about vila vita parc - d'you know anything about that hotel?

Infact, if you're the robbie that thinks Babington House is fab (I do to!) have you got any favorite hotels in Europe that are baby friendly.

OP posts:
robbie · 16/07/2002 21:55

Yes we were in the golf apartments and they're very comfy and luxy - though not quite my taste a bit too much peach and brass. They're v well equipped too - take dishwasher tablets and washing powder so you don't have to bother about buying boxes when you get there.
Another tip - we found by accident that if we didn't wash up one day the maids did it in the morning.
Yes Bab House I love but not too much of an expert in other Euro hotels - more of a villa person these days.
Let us know what you decide...

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