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Caravan parks on beach-dorset/devon/somerset

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miggy · 07/08/2004 22:47

I have booked a week off work last week in August but DH cant now come. We do have a caravan that we have had for 3 yrs and used once as DH hated it so much, so thought this might be good opportunity to use it. Cant face lots of driving about with kids on my own once there though so looking for site with walking access to beach, an indoor pool (in case horrid weather) and decent onsite restaurant for the odd meal when Im too warn out to cook!
Any ideas?

OP posts:
unicorn · 07/08/2004 22:51

we have been on lots of Haven holidays- which have all your requirements but tbqh most of them are now booked up or very expensive.

Just realised you have your own accomodation...
blimey if you have your own caravan you're sorted.
check out the sites Haven or British Holidays.
Have a nivce time (I did 4 days without dh at end of July + it was fine!)

Aero · 07/08/2004 22:53

Can't help with beach or on-site pool, but where we stayed had fabulous on-site restaurant with lovely reasonably priced home-cooked food. It's a farm park, 12 mile drive from coast, but a lovely park all the same and lots of trampolines for kids to play on. Others can probably help with your needs though, but can give you the details if you're interested. Highly recommended and close to loads of fab facilities for kids.

Aero · 07/08/2004 22:54

ps It's in Ashburton (Devon)

miggy · 07/08/2004 23:14

Thanks aero but cant face the drive with kids fighting all the way to the beach!
Unicorn-what are Haven parks like- have checked availability and could get pitch and only about £180 for a week so not bad price. Are they clean/rowdy/noisy-presumably not (well yes clean) if you have been back?

OP posts:
DelGirl · 07/08/2004 23:18

how about here

DelGirl · 07/08/2004 23:21

I'm pretty certain you can take your own caravan btw

tigerfairy · 07/08/2004 23:55

We've taken our touring caravan to brean sands in somerset - big clean site,(decent shower blocks otherwise I wouldnt go) not expensive and beach just across the road. Also, have been to a british holidays site, burnham on sea which has bar/nightly entertainment/ indoor swimming pool etc. See

Janh · 08/08/2004 09:39

How about this one in Dorset? You may not get a pitch for a week at short notice but worth ringing.

Janh · 08/08/2004 09:43

No pool though.

unicorn · 08/08/2004 09:51

miggy- have been on 3 sites now (hired the caravan though) and the kids generally loved it.. they have everything the kids could want (albeit fairly commercial etc... and we thought they were similar to motorway service stations!) but fine if you don't spend too much time on the site I reckon.

robinw · 08/08/2004 14:43

message withdrawn

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