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Pls recommend Spanish hotels with small splash parks/slides?

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llmb · 21/04/2018 06:41

July looking to take dc 12 and 11 to hopefully one of the Balearic Islands (or similar) with my parents. Iv seen one in Majorca that looks amazing but very expansive. Can anyone recommend one they’ve been to? I don’t mean a hotel with a massive water park inside it, one that has slides etc to occupy dc.


OP posts:
Eminybob · 22/04/2018 09:01

Yes there definitely is air con in the rooms, I fell asleep one night with it on full whack and woke up freezing!

NorfolkEnchance · 22/04/2018 09:12

We stayed at globales bouganvilla in Majorca it had a fabulous water park, about 15 mins walk from the beach.

llmb · 22/04/2018 09:13

norfolk that’s on my list! Slides look amazing. What were the rooms and food like? Is it big?

OP posts:
NorfolkEnchance · 22/04/2018 15:23

Rooms were fine, as was food. Thinking of going back next year, just looking now and omg school holidays expensive! Eldest starts school this year so our days of cheap holidays are over!

WhyBird2k · 22/04/2018 18:26

Apols limb! See photo 38 on this link. Definitely saw big kids and adults on the bigger slides

Bigpizzalover · 23/04/2018 19:45

You always get a room with a balcony so if she wants to enjoy the sun but fancies a day away from the bustle she could enjoy it, all inclusive so eating is available on site all day.

llmb · 23/04/2018 20:32

Thanks. Struggling. She didn’t like most of the one Iv suggested. It’s very expensive... I don’t mind paying a lot if it will be amazing but can’t guarantee!

OP posts:
NorfolkEnchance · 23/04/2018 21:25

I spotted one on tui that had free tickets to siam park in Tenerife. No good for us as mine will be 5 and 3 when we go but may be of use to you?

llmb · 24/04/2018 06:08

Thanks but we did that last yeR. Siam is massive and certainly not me being able to see the dc! Wouldn’t go there again! Thanks though.

OP posts:
MissCalamity · 24/04/2018 21:07

Los Patos Park in Benalmadema, we went in June last year with a 7 & 3 year old. They both loved it. There were 5 bigger slides & a toddler splash Park with tiny slides, plus a proper pool for just swimming! Food was great, rooms lovely although a bit on the small side.
My friends also came out the same time as us & they also said the same, we are all definitely looking forward to going back at some point! <a class="break-all" href="" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">

NorfolkEnchance · 24/04/2018 22:57

Ive just booked the one that @eminybob recommended (thank you!) for may half term next year, going for 10 days all inclusive so the eldest (in reception) will need the Friday and the Monday off but will only be 4 so can't see it being a problem.

@limb if you look on jet2 holidays one of the filters is for splash park, and they've currently got a discount of £100pp

penguinsandpanda · 25/04/2018 16:32

Would recommend Magic Natura has a zoo and waterpark, it is a big one but has smaller pools. Might be over budget not sure but I have 11 year old autistic DS and 12 year old and they loved it as he's animal crazy too. Got to swim with sealions there.

PoptartPoptart · 28/04/2018 23:02

Marina Park Hotel in Menorca.
Google it throughTUI Firstchoice Splashworld holidays.
We had a great time. DS was 11. The hotel has 3 pools plus a medium sized water park onsite (all inclusive). The waterpark was never too busy and we always got sun beds. If you position yourself in the middle you can pretty much see round the whole park, so easy to keep an eye on DC. It was very safe, only hotel guests can access it. Some really great slides plus a wave pool. Food at the waterpark is part of the all inclusive so drinks, burgers, chips, snacks etc readily available.
The hotel was about a 15 min walk to the most beautiful beach, again it was never too crowded.
I would highly recommend op.

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