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travel buggy (single or double)

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monkey · 14/07/2002 13:22

Our mothercare little buggy, which we use only for travel was damaged on our last flight. Unfortunately, as we only use it for travel we didn't realise till ages after.

I'm toying with the idea of replacing it, possibly with a double. As it's only for occasional travel, I want something cheap, convenient raincover (ie small & folds up in the shopping basket not an enormous separate framed thing), and good for folding & putting in the airplane.

Any ideas - possible a single, but maybe also a double. Are the graco tandem thingies cheap & ok for the plane?

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
MalmoMum · 14/07/2002 15:20

If you normally go away with 2 parents then 2 single buggies might be more useful and flexible than a double. IMO experience (I flew a lot, 30+ in the ds's first year) airlines don't normally have a problem with the size of buggies more with their weight.

Don't know much about UK brands anymore though I have seen light buggies here which can be clipped and unclipped to make double or single buggies which would be quite useful. No idea of the brand though.

monkey · 14/07/2002 19:46

Malomum - where's 'here'? I don't know of a buggy that does this. I guess we usually travel together, but not always, but that's a good point. Maybe I could look into a cheap pushchair with a strong hood for the older one to sit on if absoluely desperate ( not ideal, but we'd only use it 2 or 3 times a year, so I don't want to go too crazy!

OP posts:
MalmoMum · 14/07/2002 21:26

Here's Sweden and I noticed some in a chemist queue the other day but it was hot and I was tired so I paid little attention. So I'm not much help at all.

What's your age gap? (I'm awaiting #2, ds 22 months so I'm not quite there yet). WOuld a packback help at all?

GillW · 15/07/2002 12:33

I think this is what you're looking for - don't know of a uk stockist though.

zebra · 15/07/2002 13:35

MacClaran do side-by-side umbrella folding buggies that are very good for travelling. Kiddicare is usually a cheap & reliable place to buy buggies.

I have a Graco tandem Duo Deluxe (travel system) which is great for me, but I walk everywhere. Does not fold down small! For travel we might take a single umbrella stroller and a backpack, either capable of carrying the 2.6yo or the 9 month old.

KimMc · 16/07/2002 11:24

We have just been to Nerja and our buggy was being repaired so John Lewis gave us a replacement, it was a lightweight maclaren - I think it was the V2001 (or similar), it has a mess seat so keeps them cool and very light frame. When folded (very easy and quick) it has a strap that you can carry it with over your shoulder.
You can get accessories for it but ours didn't have any, so we just used our own parasol.
Its about £45 I think. If that's a bit much then Babies R us do a good lightweight one for about £25, not sure of makes etc.
Have a fun holiday!
Kim & Harry

KimMc · 16/07/2002 11:24

I meant to say it has a mesh seat!! But mess seat was probably more accurate!!!!

monkey · 22/07/2002 14:06

Thanks all for your time, as ever. Zebra, how do you find the graco? Have you taken it on a plane / do you see it as feasible, or should I justget an umbrella buggy

OP posts:
zebra · 23/07/2002 11:41

I posted last night... where did that message go?

Anyway... I wouldn't take the Graco on a plane (or a bus, for that matter). No way. I think twice about taking it on the train. My Graco doesn't fold small, but some of the others (ie., Stadium model) may be better. I was thinking maybe you could get a buggy board, they are so cleverly designed. Or see if you can get an umbrella-folding double buggy at a Carboot sale. But like I said, we manage pretty well on hols with one baby in a backpack and one in the cheap single pushchair.

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